Why? (An annoying question poem)




Because. I felt like it. Because I want to. I don't want to. I enjoy this thing that I'm doing, and I wish to continue doing it at the moment. Because the powers that be sent me a message in a dream and commanded me to perform this action, to take up this endeavor. How dare you question my motives when it was clearly directed by the almighty being above.


Why not? Why must our existence be questioned constantly? Can we not have the freedom of choice to perform some sort of action without our morals or objectives being questioned? How about because I decided to.


Because. Unless I continue with my choices I will lose that very fundamental part of my soul that makes me, me. That unique part of my being will disappear and I will crumble into dust and be blown away like chaff in the wind, along with everyone else that conforms to society's bland existence.


Why not? People control their own lives. Everyone possesses the strength to shape their own lives, to create their futures. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to be freely given the tools that can help us along; sometimes we are not. Either way, the possibility is still there, it just takes some longer than others.




why not?


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