Why does life have to be the way it is?

Fallen for sin

Given in, to temptation

Living day by day as a demonstration.

Blessed, yet from God, there’s a separation.


Why do we have more jails than schools?

More crack than rules?

Many dying young,

Less living old?

And why?

Why get offended when I point my fist to the sky.

Giving respect to the high

That died for us

Forgetting about love

Falling in for the lust.


Why are dope dealers out ruining lives?

Single mothers work 3 to 4 jobs just to get by

Smiling for their kids; then go to sleep full of cries.

Living in hate

Rushing to go

Forgetting to wait


Where’s the faith?

Why aren’t people praying to the Lord?

Why are many left with disease, where’s the cure?

Why are people so indecisive?

Its either we don’t know, or we’re not sure.


Why does ½ of America have aids?

And 5 out of 10 people

Only making minimum wage?

Women selling their bodies

Just to get paid.

Roaming in the struggle, forgetting the truth

Living in lies

Can’t go with out proof.


What is the question when I got an answer?

Why does she have to tell her family she has cancer?

Remembering the shredded blood of the black panthers.

Why did it take 246 years just to get us out of slavery?

Many teens buried in their graves already.


Why do we give up hope for no reason?

God said, it’s only for a season.

Then the tough times will go,

But we’re always going to have rough roads.

Why are our brothers left out on the street?

With nothing to eat

Children getting brutally beat

Men silently weep; in their shame

Handling life as a game

Knowing its 1 in the same.

Always quick to blame

But on yourself

Why do the riches have to have all the wealth?

Many smokers out ruining their health

For why?

Why do people complain?

Why did that little girl have to drown in her pain?

Why couldn’t she just leave her misery left out in the rain?


Where is the faith, what happened to the dreams that our ancestors gave?

Why did I have to write this poem to get my point across?

This is for all the wonders that were lost.


Guide that inspired this poem: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Truly powerful! Keep sharing keep sharing! The world needs your expression! Keep sharing your life your mind your heart! 

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