The Pink Question In the Room

Do you ever wish you were born a guy? 
It just looks so much easier. 
You wouldn't have to explain why so much, 
and folks wouldn't mind when you cry so much,
And you wouldn't really have to try so much,
Because they won't care to figure you out. 
It's the menefit of the doubt.

Do you ever wish you could go out at night
in Brooklyn and walk
on the side of the street with less people on it
in the full knowledge and safety 

That there isnt even maybe half a chance
that someone will thrust their hand up your dress
and take photos?
or other things.


Do you ever get angry
I mean, like, Really angry
When you're watching a show, a cartoon, that you like
and you get to an episode
where the only thing that happens is that the hero wants to acquire a woman,
or sits back in a terrified facepalm as his wife tries to learn to drive,
or get a job,
or change something far too big,
the poor sweet silly little fool.

Do you ever wish
That you could talk bout this
Without making all the boys uncomfortable
or driving them to ask if you're gay.
or just call you gay without asking. Just assuming.

Why does it mean that I must hate you,
when all I want is to be un-scared, like you?
What do I have to do, for you to recognise me, as a brother in annother skin?


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