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why must you sit here and throw your life, why must you let your children do whatever the hell they want, Just so you know that is not ok, you can blame who ever you want for the reason why you do the things you do, But me myself I blame you for the things you do, Baby boy baby girl please dont allow yourself to fall faint to Instagram twitter and facebook, those material things wont even mean anything 5 years from now, and you will just be stuck on something else, please and look in my eyes when I say this get your life together, your the reason for the for the killing and drug dealing and the hooking and the runaways, does it even matter that you threw away an entire generation
why am I so upset? its my generation, we're dead in jail or on our way it stares us dead in our face yet we still dont see it, is this our plan, why must we fail? why?

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