I Busted A Chifferobe

I saw a chifferobe

One made of pale hickory

That shimmered with clean

Said to be magical

And smelled of caffeine

Forsaken among the young

And murmurs with the old

It guides one's tongue

And makes them look bold~

I busted the chifferobe

I was told not to

But I enjoyed every scene

Of wood that shattered

And savored it like a cuisine~

All my selfish desires

Are riddled against my cheek

My eyes were filled with lust

That grew foggy as the creek

I laughed to myself

With the silent dark room

Staring at the mirror

That pointed to my tragic tomb~

Fatigue took hold of my head

And whispered lovingly in my ear

With her sickening dread

Of wonderful feelings

Of going on ahead~

Days stream forward

With the thick blue skies

And nights filled with horror

Move slowly, trudging on by~

I prayed to my God

Asking for forgiveness

Of the innocent things

That I thought were harmless~

I called for a doctor

Called for my mother

I called for my father

But none seemed to bother~

My soul drips of pain

Rhythmic blues turned into rain

Feeding my once barren lands

Into bountiful, shameful plains~

The world I live in is lonesome

It makes hell seem colder

It's crowded with people I don't know

And what I don't know is always plenty

Now only warm memories

Can patch the wounds of my sinful heart

It watches them like television

And enviously sulks casually in the dark~

Life has gone gray

I dare look back now

At the pitiful, unmoving moment

Of when I set my eyes

On the hickory wood chifferobe

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