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Why I write? I write because it’s right and its fundamental value can compensate for what I’m feeling. I write to tell the story of my life, what I’ve done, where I’ve been, what’s my meaning? Now I understand and fully comprehend that poetry is the only, Outlet to satisfy my needs for expression. Usually the viewer in each session, I can no longer just sit here to listen and wait, For the internal emotions and thoughts that run through my mind explode out of my chest plate. Now it is through writing I can articulate my faith or write about things that I normally wont’ say. Like how I truly felt alone in the world and the extent of this loneliness had gone past measures I’d rather not illustrate. Yes, outside was a shell of what I made myself out to be, but what most people didn’t know was that there’s a lot more to me. One can only play the Lone Wolf for so long till they’ve gone crazy. Spending so much time alone exploring the depths of your mind that it looks like a poor excuse for being lazy. Yes I’ve dug myself that hole before, but I’m here to let you know that I’ve dug out. This is where the faith comes in so I can tell you how. It’s not that I’m alone is what I’ve come to realize but that God made me with an individual design. I had to keep in mind that I must first love myself, all the flaws and imperfections with it. Life began when God became the reason I live it. Therefore, I write to discover, I write to express, I write to make me whole, to make the world make sense. I write for my family and I write for my friends. I even write for those who’ve gone through what I’ve felt. But most importantly I write for myself. here)


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