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I am no longer going to let you get in my head and make me feel like there is something wrong with me, All because you can't see all of the potential that I have and all of the things that I can be.
I know that some people will want to hear the things that I have to say and some will not. I also know that not everybody will regard my opinions as important information.  
Do you think the earth is the only planet with physical life? Are we the only intelligent beings in the vast universe? Some people believe that the universe is too big to have only one planet with life.
Today I decided to bring the maker into everything He was the one who installed me in everything  how can I keep him from anything  it's either him or nothing.
A secret is knowledge which only one person knows. You tell your best friend a secret in confidence. And your best friend tells his or her best friends about it. They also tell their best friends the information.
In a wayi have no ideawhat life is all about.  i have plenty of questionsto ask the worldand many things to find out.
What do you call a set of wires that like to tell Moral children's stories?       ASESOP'S CABLES ! 
The acceptance of anything as true does not make it true Your teaching is based on beliefs and hearsay It requires proof to confirm your religious philosohpy .
It Seems That MISINFORMATION’s Emanating From Stations... From Food To Education To This Corona Situation... !!! It Seems They’ve Been Relating A LOT of FALSE Statements... ?
LIFE DID BE BEAUTIFUL Life will be beautiful and after you've done what's needed to make it that way.
So Is it... Uni Or College... ? That Gives Someone KNOWLEDGE.... ? Or Is It Just A... FACADE... ? To Teach People NONSENSE... !!!!!!!!!!
Never stop learning because in learning there Abides teaching and likewise in teaching, learning dwells. both the lecturers and schoolers has somewhat to teach the
These Days I Have To Say... That When It Comes To Wordplay... That I Now Put To Page....
” Come On Now Bro ! You NEED To LET GO of That EGO ! "
I must get away from this suffocating environment, Move to somewhere far away, Escape from the miserable people around me, Find a better life in another place, Effect a positive change to my present situation,
If I were a leaf on a tree..oh how would I leave leaving me..would make me laugh..leaving for you.. you think.. you says I to know.. leaving for free..says me..right now..I would leave me..
Do you know the importance of teachersThat question is a lesson in itselfHow do you learn to achieve wealthReceive a doctorates or even a black belt There’s a great teacher aroundGreat with a ball or maybe a wrenchThere’s a great teacher aroundPre
I am from were momma and daddy say schools not for people like us  I am from were if you talk proper you " Talk white"  never liked that cliché  I am from were sometimes I was forced to fight for what's mine 
These days, kids don’t value their education Some would rather stay home, Or talk to their friends through the phone They’d find it easier to take a vacation,
You don’t have to talk, You don’t have to talk. You don’t have to be heard right now. They don’t need to hear it right now.
In the iris of one’s eyes, I can see far into the soul. And what I see brings no sighs.   Your strength and faith isn’t a knoll,
3 May 2019 10:27 Am I Know that I know nothing and nothing surely knows me There for I and nothing are a commonality I know that I'm a dreamer of life and what I see So is life the dream or the dream the life I see
When did life become this way? It seems as if my life has paused With no reason for a causeI see no incentive to go onMy goals as still as a pond I see no light in the dayNo flourish of creativityGiving me my right of wayNo serendipity Oh how I wi
As the sands of time fall And collect in a mound I stop and reflect On the wisdom I've found For every day is a lesson A subject to learn And by the end of the day Priceless knowledge is earned
  Upon birth, a seed of thought is planted And smothered in soil Until its cultivators find That they’re ready to water it,
Every birthday of the past, held anticipation of simply being an older age  Day by day wondering of the woman I would grow up to be  I grow by the second knowing that the now brings out the best in me
Highschool. College preparation, scholarships, grades Weed, alcohol, making out Living up to every non expectation Stereotypical, but the polar opposite It wasn't when I found myself walking through the gates
People are like birds, except for one thing. We both have young, watch them grow, and when happy, we sing. When asked why, we don’t know.  
Nature, wordlessly speaks; Art, ceaselessly labors. Knowledge's a gift, And Art, its fitting praise.
Running green in our hands,  Dyed yellow in our eyes,  A distance of our own ancestral kin, Half of the distance shared by our people,
A pilot thanks his plane for flying A sailor his ship for sailing My vessel is my school My brain has become my tool I'd like to thank my education For fueling my aspiration.
  The Encyclopedia   The books of all books The mind of all minds Not always politically correct And the values sometimes questionable
The importance of knowledge to myself, Oh so important, as important as life itself, The acquiring of knowledge is one of many inspirations To keep pursuing my goals, causes, and motivations.
confinment  to this body, this place, this time  doomed to live this day  over and over again    a wave crashes on to shore  steady as the old grandfather clock  the path worn down to dust 
The roaring thunder Rolls to my ears, And I feel the lightning Running through my veins.   Colors change before my eyes From the dull grays and whites, To the vibrant blues and reds,
It Was Never Meant to End with Me By: Willow Valli Chiari
Let me in, Let me in, or I’ll Force my way in, cried the Gentle youth, whose hand quivered Upon the doorknob. That boy can overlook being
  Poetry is a form of self-expression                                            It helps release aggression                                            It’s a way of telling a story
I know that these chains will break. But when I try to breathe I’m suffocated by your dishonesty.
I don't know what I'm doing.  I don't know where I'm at. I don't know where I'm heading, And I don't know who I am. The earth beneath me is spinning;  I am here and now I'm not. 
Pour the knowledge into my brain, For what a pity it would be For me to learn in turn for me, So pour it in, I'll spray it out, and so on until I'm insane.   I can regurgitate ideas!
Humanity knows nothing, and everything is a question, from the insignificant to the minutely less insignificant, like why did I have a bad day, and why does the universe exist.
 Is it better to know or be known? If it is knowledge that is power, which realm does one call home? It is fair to say, even though very cliche, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Dear Girl on the Other Side of the World,   I want to ask “how are you?” But those are just words. Empty noise. You won’t give me an honest answer I won’t give you an honest listen.  
    New adventures, new dreams Personally, I do not  know what to seek The power of a flower is the power of my dream Once again, I do not know what I seek    You can find me whole, happily 
The vibrating sound of the machinery rang loudly throughout the room. I took great pleasure in listening to its penetrating music as I watched her small statured body wreathe against the blood-stained straps
We are the unfortunate ones, The ones forged by ash and claimed by fire, The ones whose whispers they hear as they dance through the blood red sky,
I am the soul reader, The reader of all writers, The rioter of all rebels, The root of all troubles, The empress of all empires. I am the soul reader, The creation of your destruction,
Dear my old self, I wish you had the commons sense to do better, but in the end you made me better. Your pure heart and your tender ways, All you need was a little backbone and some base.
Smoked weed all day just to take the pain away. Cigarettes the same day. Wanted a new life he told me yes you may. You can do anything, I can make you sing. You won't feel anything, No more pain just play my game.
Don't forget my name. Carcass is the name. Carcass is the one that owns the game. All the golden chains and fame. On the top dome. In the biggest seat it is my Throne. See my wings i will defeat.
Soothe the mind, captivate with sound.I've got a life time to grind. Don't forget he's mine, To future extent my tempo is his heartbeat. Fortune found compose distruction of deceased, extermination of illumination.
They said she had to be on drugs.  It wasnt because she had a disfunctional family and people filled her head with dark. She wasn't ever depressed for thinking about how the world turned.
Understanding is hard, each and every notecard. Cups and cups of coffee, even cafinated toffee. Finally the degree, then everyone can see! You made it.
To know that you have talent, But feel so useless. Wanting to soar through the world, But then they tell you that you'll abuse it.   They'll tell you to always be yourself, Yet actors get paid alot.
A humble woe am I With many compassions But no motion for emotion For there is no commotion In this non-amorous notion   A lad, Seeking nothing but the joyfulness In everyday animation.
Knowing everything about your world          Seems to be a blessing, but is a curse. Too much emotions for a single heart to hold. An individual’s mind isn’t a purse, That is able to be organized at will.
I am a girl. I am a woman. My sex is girl. I am powerful. I am worthy. In this man made world, I am sturdy. I will not let you look at me any less than you look at yourself. I am amazing. I will NOT LET YOU BELITTLE
Legends about dragons tell of fearsome beasts, Who were rumored to have human feasts, However these tales are not even relatively true, For I know a nice dragon named Lou,
Tell me what to expect  in the many years to come. Tell me what adventures await, what sorrow I may face, what love is yet to come, what heartbreak we await.   Tell me in all of your wisdom,
My mind is an unblocked portal.  A never ending flow of thoughts and opinions. The food of knowledge never saciating my hunger to learn. Always needing more time.
There is a vast ocean of things I don’t understand, Instead of taking the time; to explain these things, You would laugh at me, you would shun me. All because I didn’t understand.  
A plethora of people from everywhere have seen it unfortunately, but will they ever feel it, live it, breathe it, or know it? I know I live it and am a nominee, but have not physically endured it - thank God.
one Sometimes, there are last Christmases, last birthdays, last goodbyes. And sometimes, you don't know that that's what they are until they've gone by. two
The first step to gaining knowledge is to recognize one's own ignorance To take a stance against stupidity even if it means standing alone.
There's more to a woman than her body and curves. At the core of her brain is a thunderstorm that rains down wisdom, knowledge, and understanding flooding the soul of man with love in it's truest form.
The first step to gaining knowledge is to recognize one's own ignorance To take a stance against stupidity even if it means standing alone.
There was a time not so long ago When my mind was like a ball of yarn Tightly wound Thread upon strict thread And I was certain of one thing: My shape would not change And I would remain as I was
Education equals empowerment, this is what I have always been told but is it really education when you are only afforded specific molds?”You must choose realistic goals” this is something commonly said, watching the childs dream explode in their m
A muddled society is what we've become. Contentious and so delicate of the facts. Rioting over our facebook roots, That's our knowledge, It's become painfully inevitable. Conformed, Uninterested,
The struggle to wake up and take that first blink in the morning Unable to get up your tossing and turning   Finally the smell of breakfast grabs your attention
What incites the rise from my rest? What keeps the beating beneath my chest? What brings me home like bird to nest And takes me beyond mountain's crest?
I open my eyes and see A world of possibilities, A world of opportunities.  I open my eyes and look At everything I can be.  I hold everything I need to be  Successful!
The painted sky is brought to life with flickers of golden light.   I have torched the night with the war cry you taught me.   We are an inferno, fueled by knowledge,
Cracking I crack the egg I crack my knuckles I crack open my eyes Even the dawn cracks Cracks in half as I begin my day with the rising of the sun As I crack, I wonder;
  Knowledge New, Delightful Learning, Encouraging, Discovering Waking up to learn new things Power
it felt as though his words danced in my ear his wit sparked interest and showed no fear always in awe,  i would listen without doubt that my own thoughts soon would sprout every moment a new subject would brighten
I have a page, Confessional Slam, where people can send me anonymous confessions and I turn them into poetry.  Here is the poem I wrote for the confession, "Everyone thinks I know everything about anything and ask me questions.
You know I say I'm okay, And that I will push you away. But I want you to know what I want.   I want you to hug me, And tell me that you know I'm not. And hold me though I'm distraught.  
Your face in between these thunderous thighs Guiding me on an ascent to cloud nine on the way to meet the most high In between these sheets is where our love lies.
Knowledge is power Yet ignorance is bliss From knowledge, some cower And to ignorance kiss   Some call knowledge wisdom But that cannot be true Because it is by knowledge 
I know that I know nothing, Yet what do you know of me? That I smile and laugh, That I am truely happy? I can see that you are hidding tears, Right behind those smiles.
You started out as a canvas That my thoughts and dreams flowed freely through A million dances The meaning behind the view I fell in love quite quickly I wrote for fun My pen lies thickly
Being stuck on an island, devoid of possessions A state which may lead to spiraling depressions   Though I were granted a chance to prepare To minimize the effect of my deserted despair  
I can’t live without knowing one day I will die Else how appreciate I all of Life’s splendor? For there is, to no extent, is there a point to vie If I know not the existence of my time’s offender.  
Knowledge is an incredible thing to have And is something that I could not live without Knowledge is power in the eyes of many But to me knowledge is hope
Precious child, you were put onto this world with ever lasting love.Like a dove,You
On an island with nothing, Most people bring things, Make-up to be stunning, Or an iPhone for Bing, But I would bring determination, And a strong set of skills, Maybe collect rainwater for hydration,
Hold on let me thing I can't live with out? Is Knowledge. One thing I can't go without is knowledge.  Everybody knows that knowledge is power. If we have knowledge then the world is ours!
Albert Eintsten puts it in the best possible way: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire
The one thing I can not live without is the pursuit of knowledge  its what drives us to seek and develop new ideas what pushes us away from the label of senseless apes that society imposes on us
Empty thoughts have no sense of fulfillment My aspirations, desires, and concerns Fill in the empty spaces that cause me To provoke, ponder, and practice Every aspect of life Every aspect of humanity
Myself, Me, and Iall bottled up insideThe thoughts that I thinkthe questions that I askthe search for morefor better, not to quitIt's not enoughWhat I knowI must know more
  Without you I couldn't live For you I freely give I use you for anything and everything For you I wouldn’t trade a diamond ring
Between her lack of skepticism... and her incessantly confidence is where I gain my joy. Her sweet proficiency and expertise,  something like the mastery,  of the chaos of what is surround us is where I get aroused. The juices from her brain that
This is where i make my music, this is what i use to find what i need, If my little bro or me cant find an answer, my macbook is my tool to find it with speed,
I would not even try To Live without WiFi It’s all at the tip of my fingers The internet leaves no question to linger Why are the planets round? Where can the nearest Volcano be found?
      Darkness Is when all your senses Are barred behind a high stone-walled mentality   Darkness Is when your conscience Is unaware of reality   Darkness
Far far away. Stranded, alone. A new life awaits, from all I have known.   The one thing I want, the one thing I need, is simply a book, belonging to me.  
In life we are given many tokens of worldly greatness,Staring us in the eyes through a mist,A dark fog with nowhere to see anything in front of us,Except for those objects that are inanimate.
Listen, I’m tired of pretending I’m tired of pretending that just because I’m young, I don’t know anything I’ve been through stuff that would blow your mind In 5th grade, I remember it
Curious is the babe, wide-eyed and new. Hungry for an answer, questions they'll ask you.   A little older now, observing the world around. More answers they seek, with new questions they've found.  
i wouldn't know what it's liketo feel the world staring down my backtrying to find the soulin all i do 
One thing I cannot live without is my book. My book is knowledge. To live without knowledge is like living without words. Words help create a vision.  I envision my life without my book.
Knowledge is power, something I can't live without For without knowledge I am nothing, nothing I will be about You gain knowledge as you grow, then in classrooms let it show
I stand there peering, fearing and desiring. Wondering who would be the one like never before, i bare no ideal and i bare no hold, alas my gaze submits far beyond the earthly shore.
The words you have to say The feelings you can't shake Fear will tell you, "Wait," Because Fear is not afraid She does not hold back or quake She does not waver or make mistake Fear knows what she does
Born a small pebble in the oblivion, Same as  many others, approximately trillions. The Man up above shining his holy radiance everyday, Never thought I would ever push myself that way.
Is it a question or is it simply an act? It seems to be unquestionable because by questioning it you are automatically doing it, so what is it? We walk with a planned destination,
The Lesson 
Am I the child that begs? The child that wants more, Because I'm hungry but not for food? Am I the child that crawls? The child on hands and knees, Because I can't take a step but can walk?
No: life isn't horrible. No: life isn't terrible  or terrifying. No: I cannot stand silent anymore. Yes: I will stand up for  what I know is true  and right. I may be only one voice.
I thought I knew what is was like to feel miserable But then I felt pain
Science is an explanation             To the ways of the world And the inner workings of nature.             A system for everything. It all works this way, or that,             Together, in perfect harmony.
I am a Queen, a supreme human being I bleed gold and my words are bold I am a Black Queen, though it may not be easy being green Being black can be just as bad, sometimes even sad But as a Queen, I take pride
  Many hearts will come and FALL BUT MY greed will remain steady       Cypress Delva   Residing by the wayside The breeze whispering on my face
It's poetry it's freedom it's english it's knowledge it's strength it's hope it's power it's me
  Caricature they remain for they haven’t purity. Streaked thoroughly with grime and mud A downcast shadow shall remain their possession. No one respects those that do not follow in line
My bones were feeble My breath had weathered My voice can be heard as a bare, cracked whisper And I listen at how fragile we are... For which my lungs, they were thirsty for air
You were so sweet I knew better than to try to consume you all at once If i over indulge then my stomach would ache So i told myself "maybe just a taste" But you weren't composed of artificial flavors
He who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow they said. Is this why our days feel ominously dead? Is this why we find difficulty facing tomorrow? He who knows both dark and light,
All my life you sang me one song, Education. To go to college And gain exceeding knowledge, That I would need to succeed, Now you say That I may have to stay? For you cannot pay
Now I may not be that size small, medium or large, honey, I know, it.
The Wander is a nomad with a purpose. The Wander walks without fear. I hold my heart close, knowing I can trust the tides of the waters rather than lips. The Wander is free.
"What do you want to be?" I hate that overrated question With the inevitable answer. Because, who knows? I could explain to them what I want to do.
  The fight for intellect is strong and stern. This race by fire will remove those unworthy, and burn Away the bits of them that give them what they need;
Knowledge fills me and leaves me uplifted, it's taken me to heights that I could never have predicted, changed my life for the better. My priorities have shifted, showed me ways to heal my heart scars where pain was inflicted.
The mentality of a black woman
I say   Knowledge is key  
We all attempt to know ourselves. As people, we are born and the process begins. Exploration of body and mind, Blinking eyes and wiggling fingers and toes, We search for answers.
The slow down days of summer are gone, 
Out there floating in the sky
Word after word
To know and to see, It is what allows us to do more than just be, thoughts and words are not just streams that flow, they nurture us and cause us to grow. knowledge can improve your life,
  Where is the wisdom now lost? Is convenience really worth the cost?   Books replaced for screens and instant streaming; Concertos and Symphonies for banging and screaming.  
Here's a message to every girl across the world. Know that you are not a tool. Stop allowing men to deprive your soul with the pleasure of lust.
i'm gonna polish It 2 a solar flame2 rekindle my subconcious chariotthat bears my virgin senses from:
"I love you so much it hurts"
I don't understand why we are the way we are, Most of this generation's cares belong to money and cars, What happened to all the kindness, respect and laughs, All we distribute is violence, hatred, jabs.
KNOWLEDGE If you know, you're on the edge of understanding for knowledge never ends but forever expanding the more you know the more it's demanded the more you demand it just know you can't cram it
When you’re a kid, You don’t think, you just do. Kids are compulsive in the best way Making snap decisions not based on their incomes, but on the budgets of their imaginations.
Backseat dreaming, Hands curled lazily into my lap, Sunglasses resting on my nose, Headphones on at half blast, as PR News blares so loud I’m sure the car next to us can hear it. There’s no foot room.
Love sucks in a lot of ways. Not to get too teenagery on you, But isn’t it kind of stupid How you can bare your soul to someone And then be worn to shreds by that exact same someone later
Shattered beer bottles are what's left of our fight Since the bumps and bruises rarely last long I can always feel the tempest coming But I always forget that you are stong We are at each other's throats constantly
My words are written in the book of life. Whether it be that they contain joy or strife. I am what i proclaim all myself to be. For the only one to stare back through the mirror
What is love?
Man,seems like this generation is changing   kids killing parents well this generation is amazing   racism still racing, families break up and now daddy is on vacation  
I want to learn everything I'm in a world of information Surrounded by things to question I want to learn everything Suck up every fact, philosophy, and proposition Take every offered class at the University
Sitting at the house of light in the dark  Looking on the ocean  Finding a bottle of dreams being lost at sea 
My reason for writing is not just because I can, but rather it's who I am Poetry is more than just an art of flowing words together melodically But it is my therapy
Don't waste my time each millisecond I won't be able to buy into existence  I cannot undo conversations we've had. I can't take back the things I've said. Each millisecond it takes to breathe
Change, to make something different, transform, or convert, making a difference in lives, or committing to work, for change is never accomplished because it is always needed,
Technology is all around us that we must understand In order for the human race to leap forward and advance Whenever I think about it, it's like my brain is in a trance All this science and math is making me dance
Hello my young friend It's good to see you again
I see you
Just listen And listen to me good. Hang on to every word I’m about to say. Because I really mean it.  Don’t take it as a joke But really understand what I feel.
I feel afraid 
I know a few things. To start off, I know my name means hospitality in Greek.
She cries every night tears streaming down her face She needs to be loved again she's forgotten the taste.  
I see them I ignore them I passed by them I see you  Having a sign "F*CK THE POOR" I stand up Saying that's not humane Stating that he should help Walking  few blocks down
Eighteen score years ago, a cradled crying baby - who was given an enlightened path - was born
In the Silence Time stands still for only a moment But in that moment I find eternity In that moment I feel yearning and in that moment I known I am lacking.
Growing up all I knew was poverty.  "Put that back!" "We cannot afford that."  I come from a life where education was a scapgoat.  I come from hand-me-downs, and cheap shoes. 
Maybe you think my job is dying – An old lady with tinted hair And horn rimmed glasses, Hushing you. My job’s not dying – It’s just a child Trying to find it’s way in this big world,
As i convert my self over onto the mellow side,
People we have to Stand up for what we believe in .. Dont let anymone stop your shine ..  As African Americans  we have to do this for Dr. King for having a Dream For Malcom X , for keeping the PEACE 
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
We should know Because if we knew, we would change We should know how livestock animals are treated Because if we knew, we would push for more humane actions to be taken
Knowledge is a house You live in a box right now Wait for it to grow
For once in this life, I am plagued by the thing which has ruled mankind Since the beginning. I stop and look forward in this point in time, the distance of knowledge far beyond the reaches of the system--
The problem we face Is one of pride; We want to believe That the answer's inside   So we build with our hands And observe with our eyes, Jump to conclusions
Years after years, Knowledge slowly seeps, Into your mind. Experience after experience,
I spent four of my years in a building Of wood walls and cement floors I spent four of my years in a building Told it was wrong to want out   I spent four of my years stuck in two dimensions
Ignorance may be bliss but it’s time to risk awareness. Knowledge hurts, but nothing in this world is painless. You may have a thirst for love, but I have a thirst for wisdom.
Worthier than emerals and gold is knowledge. You may ask, "do I only obtain this in college?" You may, although is a long and treacherous process that later becomes known as  wisdom .
Misunderstood, Misunderstood, I'm often times Misunderstood. I'm very smart and successful but I'm still Misunderstood. If I could change the world overnight, I'd do it if I Could.
Leaving my years behind in this high-school-like prison, filled me with nothing more than sheer joy. It's as if I'll awaken from my dream and learn that I was merely a psychic playing with her toy.
never amounting to the tuition just to enroll seems like a mission  not able to obtain  currency, so i just keep wishing wishing  on a beneficial admission fifty years from now it could be that key that was missing
Sometimes being quiet is the best way to learn. Like its always been said open your ears close your mouth, open your eyes and see what others cant.
Our education system has got to do better. I know nothing is perfect, but we can not go on like this forever. Kids using profanity instead of the intellect God gave them.
School is not my forte. Daydreams of melodies frolic through my mind But the pencil is forced to scribble foreign equations. Confused. Frustrated. Lost in a tangle of intricate formulas.
  The Piece of Paper   As the bell begins to ring a sea of students invades the halls the sounds of lockers
     Who do you think you are? You think you have power over me, the ability to suppress my creativity and freedom of speech.  
Education is not pencils. Education is not tests. Education is not classrooms. Education is more.   Education is not principals. Education is not schools. Education is not teachers.
How come they say time heals all pain?
Word is Bond, for the understood it is fond, beyond the shallow of a pond, it overpowers the magician's wand, its not slick, truth overcomes the trick, few are chosen few that are picked, truth blows out candles in a wick, it build's mind's into t
Knowledge is Knowledge is a mosic Colorful and broken Pieced together slowy Knowledge is everything And nothing at all    
She's afraid of things that shouldn't be scary,like walking to class and people staring. She's afraid of her reflection too,She's afraid and she wants to tell you.
I am more than what’s between my legs.   But you’ll never see that because you seem to live there.   Just like every other boy that has walked in and out my life.   Notice I said “boy"  
“Yes,” you said to that first boy in middle school when he shuffled his feet,
Its cold in here, theres no heat. the desks face right, theres no left handed seat. The voices drone, but never make sense, For professors, they sure can be dense. I wish only for a school condusive to the student.
School is not about money nor is about fattening your ego. School is about knowledge; to find one's self in the rich honey pot that is higher education. If you teach someone with a goal which 
I never understood, why physics needed to be known by everyone. Why it mattered, its significance, its purpose.
Free education? It comes with a price- Wasted time that will never return- Never learning- Because of the burn Of your pride and ego- No voice of our own Yet whipped by your words-
The subtle disease Of creeping intelligence Is the glorified undoing Of a wondering mind. Up rises the curiosity With every take  Every hit As the power to control  Dominates the eyes. 
God gathered the dust in his hand, Formed his greatest creation. He gave but one command: “Knowledge is for me alone.”   God knew, of course, That man would disobey. Curiosity is a deadly force;
Held back by the suppression of the mind one can only fall behind We are succeeded by the past and without change our generation won’t last Time is flying by fast and our learning continues to get thrown in the trash
It would be strange to say you changed me Weird to say I’m wise. Odd to speak at all, since seat 27 row five, Was occupied by me, small, quiet me.
Excuse me, sir. Are you listening, miss? You are not going To want to miss this.   I have something to say. I speak for more than a few. Testing isn't fair. I'm sure this isn't new.
Your knoweldge of the world is high But is that a reason to undermind me? Just because I dont understand the material doesnt mean I cant see I know you have a Bachelor Degree Maybe even a Masters
Conclusion; stopping growth. Knowledge; needed most. Where to look? Where to go? Open mind; open dome.  
Cranial cage imprisoning a sage, trying to replace grey matter and old age. Wisdom stored, long decomposed. Energy transformed, neither created nor destroyed,
Personalities blend to become stock characters, Glimmers of light shine from their eyes. When did I become the "Red Couch" carrier? The song of the road's become solemn and dry.
Why hello there little boyWhat can I do for youA heaping serving of knowledge you say?Well isn’t that cute
My mind is blank, waiting to be awake,  There is nothing to satisfy the thirst,  No amount of knowledge will do,  Through and through, man will never know the truth,  Man is fit for this world, 
I am Yin and he is YangI bring peace but he brings painI am pure, while he is corruptedI am collected while he is disruptive
The letters on each page spell me further into the story, With enticing promises of quests, of both toils and glory.   Each new page weaves a world both brighter and richer
What if you could evaporate in the sky And drift freely along the twists and turns of the winds current Travel miles upon miles over land Showering them with your condensed vapor
Can one attain the ability to Invoke happiness onto Himself or herself Would denial have to tie into This indefinable equation Although to each his own But what is its definition
The whole world is screaming Everyone has an answer and none of them are correct It’s a mass of conflicting ideals of religion and politics and argumentative tones
  Your impression That the world will harbor the Audacity to sever limbs from the whole truth Are gravely mistaken.   From now on, the whole truth, and nothing less! And in times of future toil,
Emotions are confused ideas  But why do some make sense?  Spinoza gave me the idea  That's why i'm so tense  But who cares about some philosopher?  I'm more into quests  I want to discover my own mind 
The power laden mind of State is clad in fear. The people of the State mean not to intimidate, But to declare the opportune moment to rise And seize education on the forefront.
One’s mind, One’s Voice One’s dream One’s choice. Words can hurt, Words can heal. Words are everything, it’s a big deal. Taking control, is a true blessing That has this little world still guessing. You can think colors, you can think trees.
"Don't do that" a common utterance of disempowerment A three word society on its own filled with expectation when the first mistake was made A sense of being unloved, peaking through a pessimistic lens of hearing
I'm standing at a crossroads, not sure which route to take. Should i take the right road, of which so few chose. Or should i take the other, and live a life I cannot make.
My mind is a sprouting seed; Knowledge a necessity, Growth a challenge.   Too much impatience causes me to wilt;
Theres Something Great In All Of Us,  Something We Dont Earn But is Born Within Us, Potential..  Potential  Change The Lives Of Others and Make A Difference In World Where We
A solitary pencil drags itself, forlornly, estatically, and furiously, across a lined page. A page that was  previously devoid of any emotions.   
Many people believe that time is moneySome add that money isn't everything thoughBut for me, time is simply trickyIt's the reason why I'm at a point so low
I have two friends, Money and Knowledge. I met Knowledge as a child and I met Money as a teen. Both supported me but the difference was Money was harsh and Knowledge was kind.
When no one is there you are there filling my life with your pages                              your everlasting joy when I turn each page continues ,never stopping though the ages, no bad can come from your words you give , no pain just joy to re
I write to believe. When I write I feel free. I write to empower those who have no voice. For those who are too afraid of the judgments we speak. Every whisper flows across streets Amongst peers and strangers
Sometimes going through depression is what makes a person It gives a glimpse of reality A vision with everlasting loneliness and destroyed self-image This emotion holds one hostage
The words you use are like a sharp knife Piercing the flesh of a human life Maybe this time they'll just take it or Maybe this time they just won't make it Wish they would understand their power
Look into your own Imagination. What is around your location? Suited rabbits? Black magic? Mystic incantations? Delve deeper than a magicians hat. Outside the box? Farther than that.
Robert Belano once said:“For a long time, I stopped existing.”And the pages of a blank book,Brought me back from the deadAs I scrawled SanskritAgainst the sands of an hourglassWhat I was searching for-
The world I live in is changing I can see that It’s like we pulled terror right out of a hat Our government is now more corrupt more than ever Promising us that it’ll all get better and being all clever.
I walk, I sit my, back against this grain These words speaking bliss, penetrating every inkling of thought that is bound in my brain As the climatical moment fills my soul, I come upon recollection
Perhaps broken roads Create more beautiful paths For ones fork in the road Created a gloomy past Lessons are learned and the lessons are passed For ones valuable mistake Prevented a serious clash
What is race? Does it tell us what to like? Does it determine our future actions? Or is it simply just something that pigeonholes us to carry the weight of the actions of our ancestors?
Whisper, whisper in my ear. Tell me a story no one wants to hear. Invite my soul into yours. Let me walk with you upon the shores. And when I have drank the thought from your mind,
Books are the source of all knowledge, Just like that old adage. You can read the words, but what is the meaning? A careful balance on which we are leaning. The heroes, the princess, the fairies galore
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College is expensive. It is indeed. But education is a tool we all need. For knowledge is a door. It is used to explore. To learn, is to know. To know is to apply, But first, you must try.
On the outside, I may look normal, Just like all the rest. But inside, I am hurting, My heart tearing in two, From the voices in my mind, That tell me what to do. I can’t escape their orders,
Running through the striped tunnel, its a long way. You can't stop running, that's your life goin on. But you'll stop, just this once Turn around. the walls have photos, frames of your life, glimpses of your past.
To be at the top, you dont have to be hot. You may be hot, but what not? A lack of knowledge Knowledge is Power.
Without pain…. You would not know of badness, Or goodness You would not know what is wrong, Or what is right You would not know of darkness in the mind, Or light in the soul
I am from the smell of the Ohio River and the soft kisses of sunlight on my skin. From the jungle gyms and slides that create the paths of my life.
Our heritage From our skin to our inner most features, We have the deepest roots. From the food we eat to the souls who cook it. From the songs we sing, To the music we dance to.
*Down a dusty road he walked, his feet were always bare. No one passing with him talked, not a soul did care. None could fathom what he sought, or even wonder why.
A mother's journey is the journey of life of nature or nurture of happiness and of sadness.
I feel like, every black teen wanna be the next big hooper And if they don't make it, they feel like they've been Kama Sutra'd Some play overseas for a backup plan
I’m not really sure who I am. There so much about me that is still unknown. So to stand there and say you understand me, I know you couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t understand you,
No one really leads their life anymore. Everyone follows. Some follow genetically looking identical to a parent or sibling. We all follow emotionally everyone falls in love everyone hates
Peace Where does it come from? Does it come from the comforting good word in a lie? What peace can we have Knowledge kills and so does ignorance How can we sleep when damnation is in our own living room?
The check on your sneakers does not represent the latest fashion. It is the slave driver of your mind whipping away another greenback from your piggy thats just been stolen and given to children to increase obesity in America.
Brilliant minds drifting off to sea surrounded by knowledge which permeates the depths what lies below untouched by man a virgin fountain containing all we do not know
With silence, we took our beating, harsh cracks and whips replaced with slurs and snide remarks. We stand in protest, holding hands in unity while they their voices carry-- sharp barks.
He came out of nowhere a figure at night, Tough and strong, his figure said fight. Hesitantly I huddled behind a tall rock, Distantly hearing the tick of a clock. I heard him breathing, labored and tight.
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