I crack the egg

I crack my knuckles

I crack open my eyes

Even the dawn cracks

Cracks in half as I begin my day with the rising of the sun

As I crack, I wonder;

Will my brain fry like the sunny eggs in the pan?

Will it remain runny and spill its contents upon request?

The answers lie in my method of preparation

The sun is not enough to cook my egg

The sun must still climb into the sky

Shall I wait?


I must climb myself and steal some sun

I cannot wait for the sun to come to me

My eggs cannot wait for the sun to come to me

My eggs will crack and I must be ready

But is there such a thing as too much sun?

Will my search for the sun burn me in the process?

No, I say to my sun

Because as I grab my piece of sunshine,

I see knowlegde staring back at me

Knowledge of my future

Knowledge of goals

Knowledge learned from books

Knowledge learned from people

Knowledge that I would have never gained

If I waited for the sun to come to me

I always liked my eggs brown anyways

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