I'm standing at a crossroads, not sure which route to take. Should i take the right road, of which so few chose. Or should i take the other, and live a life I cannot make. As some say should i take the road less traveled, and risk a million breaks. Or should i take the beaten track, and leave the risk to others. Should i stand by and let others take risks, watch as they tumble through the road with with blunders and studders. Should i take the right road, the one thay say is hard. Or should i take the the other, the one that wont leave me jarred. This crossroads has left me jumbled. I'm not who i thought i would be. It has left me full of doubt, unsure which road to take. Unsure which road is the route. And if i should chose wrongly, and leave the world forgotten. At least i will have left this behind, to warn you of which road is rotten.

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