Thu, 06/19/2014 - 18:33 -- Bravo



If you know, you're on the edge of understanding

for knowledge never ends but forever expanding

the more you know the more it's demanded

the more you demand it

just know you can't cram it


you have to learn and discern what knowldge is power,

what knowledge creates, what knowledge devours.

What knowledge is ours? Must we know everything?

We walk many paths but still don't know everyway!

But everyday, we gain more knowledge, we gain more wisdom we gain more power.

What knowledge creates, what knowledge devours, what knowledge is theirs and what knowledge is ours?

When knowledge is solid stand on the facts.

When theories have holes, knowledge fills in the cracks.

What is knowledge?

Knowledge is truth!

when you get stuck use knowledge as fuel.

Acknowledge the tool, let it not be idle

say this when you can "KNOWLEDGE IS VITAL"




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