Bloody Rose Petals

Tue, 06/17/2014 - 02:20 -- AJay

Shattered beer bottles are what's left of our fight

Since the bumps and bruises rarely last long

I can always feel the tempest coming

But I always forget that you are stong

We are at each other's throats constantly

Throwing and screaming but we never touch

We're two orbiting angry balls of energy

That look at each other and instantly fuss

We scare our friends at parties

When I get a little too drunk and you scream

Then I yell back but I'm still so very drunk

You push a little and I fall into the cream

Our little guests always giggle at us

Because we are like Marge and Homie

We fight and bicker and try to kill each other

But we always end up back in each others' company

Maybe I shouldn't drink so much

And maybe you shouldn't shout

But it doesn't really matter what others think

Because this is what love is about

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