I never understood,
why physics needed to
be known by everyone.
Why it mattered, its
significance, its purpose.

But this year, I understood it all.
Why humans are so resistant to
change and how the most destructive
force can be the point of healing.

They say humans are resistant to change,
some attempt to defy it.
But it is written in laws,
That even if we try to embrace
Change, we can not deny
the fact that is encloses us.
That no matter how hard we
try not to fall, gravity will always
work against us. That no matter
what direction we travel in,
we will all be moving with
the same amount of energy.

It shows us that we all
think that we are tougher
than we really are,
because the most essential
factor to our survival,
is the most destructive force
in the world, is the
visual to our pain.

We still go
against each other, like
opposing poles repelling.
Putting each other down,
as if we are acting the
part of gravity. We idolize
having a smaller weight,
oblivious to the fact that
gravity pushes further on
you, you are really smaller
than you see.

We exclude those who
have a sense of reality,
because all I have ever
written is equations. Yet
that is not defined as "normal."

That equilibrium is only
achieved in an instant moment,
that one point in time
either the highest or lowest
point on the roller coaster
of life. Unaware that it is
never constant, or held in
place for more than one
instant in time.

That gliding only occurs
when work is over reached,
when the maximum point
attained needs to be
brought back down.
Because nothing can
continue on forever,
vectors must be shortened.


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