Knowledge and Choices

  Poetry is a form of self-expression

                                           It helps release aggression

                                           It’s a way of telling a story

                                          All are unique and never boring

                                          You open up your eyes

                                          To a world that can’t die

                                          Writing needs to be kept alive

                                          That’s how information survived

                                          We talk through our writing

                                          Every word written down is exciting

                                          We absorb that into our mind

                                          It changes the destiny for mankind

                                          Keep writing to save your heart

                                          Or you’ll feel you’ve been hit with darts

                                          Don’t let words be taken away

                                          A new quote appears every day

                                          Words change the way we feel

                                          Do you wanna make that a big deal

                                          Continue to express your voice

                                          Because you have a choice







This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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