Something Great


Theres Something Great In All Of Us, 

Something We Dont Earn But is Born Within Us,


Potential  Change The Lives Of Others and Make A Difference In World Where We

Sometimes  Are Brainwashed IntoThinking That What Cannot be Controlled Or Changed ,

Is Master Of Our Fate. 

That The Color Of You Skin, The Sins Of Your Kin, And Insecruities From Within, Define Us

Looking To Social Networks and Celebrities To Refine Us ..

To Find Answers And Stability In World Full Of Uncertainty Screaming," Give Me Some Constancy!"

But As We Find Shelter In The Dreams Of  Others Our Dream Dim,

Without Even A Glimpse, Of What We Have To Offer

Cheating Ourselves and Others, Telling Our Dreams To Hide Under The Covers 

No Peeking , No Breathing , Waiting For Emancipation 

I'm Here To Say Dont Over Look Your Potential ! 

Let Your Potential Be The Star That Leads You To North..

Sean Says, The Sky Isnt The Limit, Moonwalk!

TAccomplish Your Dreams And Ineveitably Inspire Others To Dream Too, 

Your Lifes A Journey And The Driver Is You

Be Motivated By Happiness, Motivatied By Change , Most Impoartantly Be Motivated By Potential

Cheers To You, Cheers To Now, Cheers To Our Forever.


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