Red Snow


I feel afraid 

this fear is not for me alone

this terror is for the world and her inhabitants

from purity we are made

but through corruption we are grown

let the war commence


Knowledge is freedom

without education future is bleak

what do you expect from that bum

that one down the street

when barely he can buy food

let alone even a weeks

worth of tuition

that would get him his freedom

just nights hopeless wishin’


Its that day in age

when freedom isn't free

the higher the wage

the higher the fee


our system is jacked

fuel by greed of the greedy

in the factories we’re packed

run on the backs of the needy


desperately we’re laboring 

to provide our children

a future worth savoring


Dyig in debt 

because freedom isn't free

with hardly life left

to afford the knowledge, you see


because knowledge is freedom

which isn’t for free

Without a fair chance

who can we be?


the rich keep us poor

 they just cant understand

life is filled, with so much more

like your feet in the sand


a warm place to sleep

warm food to eat

good memories you keep

a cold glass of water in summer heat


The rich and greedy are blind

with or without knowing

they are destroying the young mind

halting the expression of art from flowing

killing the opportunities

for betterment of lives

they're indifference cutting like knives


Surely greed is our kryptonite

and humans are losing the fight

murdering our only home

and all who call it so

pollution infecting the dome

whats left but extinction and sorrow


snow fell pure and untainted 

from a smoggy smoldering sky

landing on a land red painted

landing so low from falling so high


the snow began its changes

when surrounded by sickness

its pure color ranges

from purity to polluted wickedness


Just a mile away

theres the wide battlefield 

where more snow lay

its still, with no more guns to wield 


and just a mile away

a dark shade of crimson 

seen as far as the eye may

a dark world, no sun


The end begins

when the cost of freedom

is a fatal sin

the day when greed has won



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