Words' World


The letters on each page spell me further into the story,

With enticing promises of quests, of both toils and glory.


Each new page weaves a world both brighter and richer

The brave heroes provide me a companion, a brother or sister.


Together we venture into this new world unknown

Fencing, riding, and magic, all skills that now we will hone.


Under the tutelage of an old gray wizened mentor

My protagonist and I train each day, getting better and better


Soon we must move on to face the heinous villain of the plot

With breath bated, we charge on, to his scary mountainside spot.


Bravely we begin our defense of the downtrodden and meek

The battle drags on till both sides struggle, tired and weak.


Few still standing, it comes down to our hero and the scoundrel

Strike after strike, who will emerge victor we cannot tell.


With a yell of delight our champion stands tall and concrete,

Standing over a bowed villain whom has accepted defeat.


Hearty shouts and cheers to long life and prosperity

Ring out through the land, jumping from city to city.


Our job is now done, the antagonist faced and conquered

We may leave in clear conscience, our journey bound homeward.


The hero to his hamlet and I back in my reading chair,

I reach for the next book, eager to immerse myself there. 


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