Potion For Wisdom


Potion for wisdom:

let us begin this potion

to enhance our own notion

let us start with modern minds

let us hope to not be blind

a shard of franklins glasses

don't confuse with the masses

Watsuji samurai sword

it should be there by the board

Wittgensteins lips  for logic

come, pour it in the tonic.

Nietzsche's ears just for a kick

take this, mix it with a stick.

get the philosophers stone

place it next to karl marx’s bone

getting mills voice will be plight

british accent is key right

a dab of Hegel’s long hair

wow, the potion i see flare.

get david hume’s pair of eyes

go, quickly before it dries

oozing ink from voltaire’s books

I think its about done, look.

enough of these old people

place that roses sepal

inside with the owls feathers

burn with flames from the nether

the shell of a big turtle

and a wolf who’s infertile

petals of a sunflower

this will give it some power

Aristotles hair that curls

and the ancient queens white pearls

a piece from plato’s great brain

I hope this wont be in vain

lets hope this tonic won't fail

pour it in socrates grail.

my potion is now complete

its time for me to drink it

and my new life ill soon meet

i feel my mind start to split.


I feel strange, I dont feel well

I am starting to forget

I feel my brain start to swell

wisdom is not in me yet

this was my greatest mistake

I should have seen this coming

Socrates i have forsake

wisdom is knowing nothing

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