"i want to feel the same"

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"I love you so much it hurts"
You know i never knew what that meant before today.

she was drunk, an naked. i looked into her eyes. so badly i wanted to ask her if she still loved me. my words froze at the tip of my tongue, an i was still too afraid of the answer i might receive. so instead i continued to kiss her perfect lips, that perfect neck, her chest, tummy. finally that phrase rings true,: "i love her so much it hurts."
when my lips reached her hips, no longer could i hold it in. my throat received a lump, my .
eyes received moisture. like a dam my emotions collapsed under the pressure.
i paused an began to weep. I can feel her quiver with anticipation beneath me. her breaths quick and heavy. yet there i was frozen while she lay there eagerly awaiting my next move. i gathered myself slowly an continued on the journey the we both (or at least I) had waited so patiently for.



january 10th, 2012


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