White Noise


Many hearts will come and FALL

BUT MY greed will remain steady




Cypress Delva


Residing by the wayside

The breeze whispering on my face

The solemn blow of the wind; I’m tickled

Remove me from the rumbling chaos

Of this giant city

Add in the ocean’s gleam

Subtract the danger of self-centeredness

Natural surroundings can take its place

And hold me like a weathered child

Mother is its name

As the seagulls cry about from out at sea

Harmony, although quite slow, peaceful

Centered my gravity by my core

And made me full

The land is my shelter

From the unwinding storm clouds

I cannot cry here

In this place tragedy cannot ensue

The beauty betrays me

 Swallows my awful youth

In this money world pursuit

I have no knowledge

I will learn soon

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Bailey Reynolds

That poem is epic


Awww, thank you so much Bailey! Can you tell me what about it you liked? It's funny because I find it quite odd in some ways. I'm happy about the outcome over all. P.S. I wrote this when I was bored in Philosophy class. I have around sixty to seventy poems, I'm sure if you gaze around you might find some other poems from me that you like. :) Thanks for commenting.

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