A Little Future

Out there floating in the sky

is a little asteroid

she is looking up

waiting to fly


She knows that there is

a place for her somewhere

but she just needs

to grow up and learn more. 


She is given a shove, a push

suddenly a space ship shoots by

she suddenly sees her path

clearly as she heads for our sky


She finally reaches her destination

shattering into a million pieces

she falls, burning to earth

and observers look up in awe


I am on a collesion course 

heading to the great unknown

I am not sure of all that will happen

but a push in one direction I was given.


Someday they will know of me

and think of me in awe

when I have reached the highest places

and their expectations were overshot


They know who I am,

but not what I will do

I will make this world better

not only for me, but also for you



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