I Am More


I am more than what’s between my legs.


But you’ll never see that because you seem to live there.


Just like every other boy that has walked in and out my life.


Notice I said “boy"


Because that’s exactly what they are, children. Not yet adolescence and far from mature.


Playing themselves and everyone around them.


Unfortunately I was the one to lose in this game.


But don’t worry, It wasn't just you.


See, I have a problem with trusting people with my body in hopes

that somehow they insert themselves into my body 

they would find their way to my soul. But no, it’s just what's between my legs they're after .


See, we live in a world where people kiss

before they hug, have sex before they love and leave before they are left.

And I was never the one to be like that so I’m not aware of the rules.


I wasn't informed that when a man says he cares, he expects you to show it.


As if saying it back isn't enough. 

They wanna hear your lips talk it.


No, no I’m not talking about the lips with teeth located behind it .


They have this imagination in their head that "fucking" is romantic and I’m

sick of it .


When did it become okay to have more sex partners than woman 3 times your age?


These girls are losing their virginity before the lose their teeth .


And these boys are more than happy to be apart of it.


It’s becoming a trend. 


It's sad to think my child might grow up and participate in it.


But tell me, what’s to gain when “whore” is replacing your first name?


What’s to lose when your the baby’s father, and don’t know what to do?


I REFUSE to be the girl whose known for her head, her riding skills, and her sex.


I am a lady, a human, a woman. 

I am a person with feelings.


A person who is growing up in a generation that’s gone numb.


I know this is how life is now, but as I stated in my opening sentence,


I am more than what’s between my legs.


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