The Curious Curiosity of Myself, Me, and I

Myself, Me, and I
all bottled up inside
The thoughts that I think
the questions that I ask
the search for more
for better, not to quit
It's not enough
What I know
I must know more
My undying curiosity
lessons to uncover.
What lessons?
Do you want to know?
If I were you,
I certainly would.

I still remember
the questions I asked
All bubbling up inside of me
I asked my mother "Why this? Why that?"
Until she'd say "Enough of that!
Just ask Jehovah.
He'll tell you that.
I remember when I was 5
When I asked her "Why does Jehovah tell us that
Satan will be destroyed? What if Satan changes his mind
and is really sorry for all the bad things he's done?
What will Jehovah do then? He doesn't lie
and he's already said he will destroy him,
 so will he or won't he?"
She took me aside and kindly helped me reason it out
"If Jehovah has told us that he will destroy Satan,
why do you think that is?"
I thought for a moment and answered her
"It's because he knows
Satan won't change his mind."
That big lesson that helped me learn
How some people will cut their nose
to spite their face, out of stubborness
and for their pride; it made me realize
not to be like that.

I remember in kindergarden
my first Bible study
I didn't know how to read,
I'd look at the pictures and remember
the stories that the pictures told
I'd tell the girl I studied with
"Look here, see?
This is the place where we can live,
All happy, no problems,
forever, with our family.
No bad people will live there.
God will destroy them all."
The girl asked me
"But what about my parents?
What if they don't change their minds
and obey God?"
I hesitated for a moment then told her the truth
"Then they'll be destroyed too."
The girl told me she didn't want that,
and she didn't want to study anymore.
I was so sad. I wanted to help her, at least.
My mom noticed my sad face
that afternoon when I got home.
She asked me what happened at school that day
and I told her all that occurred.
She told me "Well, honey, that's not what you say."
"But that's what's going to happen!"
"Yes, but there's another way that you can say
the same thing, like 'Teach your parents,
so they learn too. Then you can all be happy.'
"Oh", I thought
and learned that
you have to think of how others feel.
Like the time my mom cleaned up
and told my sisters and I
"Don't you think I get tired too?"
I realized that it was true.
She was human
She was a person
Just like me
Of course she got tired
Just like me.
I remembered those words and also learned
Be careful what you say.
Some words stick.
I'm sure that my mom doesn't remember that
but I sure do
so words do stick

So many lessons
and so many stories.
They are just too many
to say them all
and figure out
because that's myself,
me and I
and I'm not done growing.
I'm not done learning
I could write a book,
but it would have infinity pages
because there's still more.
It's not the end
Each day that passes
I'm someone I wasn't

A thirst for knowledge
I've heard it called.
That's right, a thirst
you have to drink
today, every day.
You'll never stop,
until you die,
but if you didn't drink
you wouldn't live.
That's my thirst
my curiosity
I have to drink
Or I won't live.
I have to learn.
Every day.

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