Self of College

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 20:44 -- Jelissa

    New adventures, new dreams

Personally, I do not  know what to seek

The power of a flower is the power of my dream

Once again, I do not know what I seek 

  You can find me whole, happily 

You can find me hope, hopefully 

You can feel the wind against my cheek

You can feel the power against my leap 

   Step out into the world, where I'm free

Leave my place of reality

Where wonders exist and galaxies appear

Why I hope I am not lonely

In a world full of cheers

    Hopeful as ever, calm as ever

You remind me of a sparkling star

Looking up, deep and so far

As I study my heart, I am in love

Look how far you have come,

look how much you have gained.


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