The power laden mind of

The power laden mind of State is clad in fear.

The people of the State mean not to intimidate,

But to declare the opportune moment to rise

And seize education on the forefront.

Staying strong as they are able while walls appear to crumble

Like the cracked crust of a poor baker's baked bread

They declare that we must seize the day

And educate our children and our children's children

And the State cannot sit idly by as another uneducated man

Careens through streets searching for a generous donor

Like ravenous flocks of seagulls found

On the sandy beaches of our proud nation scavenge for sustenance.

This is our time to arm ourselves not with sharpened swords

But with minds sharpened with wit and knowledge.

Not with weapons in hand, but pens

This is our time to show the value of a book

Not with criticizing words but with encouraging ones.

This is our time to stand away from the violence and turmoil

And pursue a time of peace and prosperity

Not to segregate by race and religion

Btu to integrate by means of the capacity we can achieve.

This is our time.



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