Open Your Mind

The slow down days of summer are gone, 

The pools have closed and the textbooks have opened. 

To many this makes our eyes want to close. 

Opening textbooks however is more than a new assignment, 

Opening your textbook is opening your future. 

Every new word you read, every new idea you make reality;

That is you opening the door for tomorrow. 

Every project you conquer and question you ask,

Is you making sure that door will never close. 

Every person you meet every life you touch,

Is you walking though that door and feeling a familiar feeling,

The sun warm shining down on your face,

Just like in your lazy days of summer. 

But now its that wonderful sunshine feeling, all the time!

Your summer time never ends, but you aren't lazy anymore,

You are enjoying that summer time feeling and making the most out of life everyday. 

Although summer may be gone, and it's time to hit the books, 

You should still be excited because you are opening doors, 

You are creating that eternal, better-than-summer feel for yourself, for a life time.

So think twice before you close your books and run out looking for everything you want,

Because you could have just closed your door there.  



Great point! Especially in the case of college. Every thing that we do and learn is teaching us. 

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