Your Gift to Me as Your Student

Personalities blend to become stock characters,
Glimmers of light shine from their eyes.
When did I become the "Red Couch" carrier?
The song of the road's become solemn and dry.

For some reason, I dread with a passion oblivion.
For some reason, I dread the thought that I'll die.
I want a part of me, somewhere, to live on.
I think that it's human - we all try to try.

Inevitability's calling my name,
In the fact that we all will turn out the same.

All dead with no effect
On the universe we dread
Will forget us all no matter how we try.

Indulge me, dear teacher, in my one single escape:
The memory of those around me outlives mine.
Give me knowledge to chance just one thing on this landscape,
So maybe, when I die, I'll think it my time.

So don't hold me back, ma'am, I'm fighting too hard now.
Don't hold me back, sir, I'll never desist.
The faces and people are blending to fast now.
Pray for me in that no thing shall I miss.

I've moved so many times, it all seems the same.
And yet, everyone wants to be remembered by name.

I can't see the future,
Nobody will care, I'm sure.
But for knowledge I will never cease or desist.


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