Persuading Imagination


Look into your own Imagination.

What is around your location?

Suited rabbits? Black magic?

Mystic incantations?

Delve deeper than a magicians hat.

Outside the box? Farther than that.

Till you see, feel, your mind split in half.

Divide reality and insanity

Or meet them at their ends and marvel.

At what you see, does it encourage you to flee?

You won't, will not, as you are lost in awe.

This captivation has you.

Run from? No. Ensue to? Yes.

Chase through your vivid visions,

Pursue in wonder, where I live in.

Closer to me, as I bait you

Into insanity.

Just a curious thought more

Till you will be knocking on my door,

Shaking hands and joinging me.

Have no fear, do not be afraid.

Brave my table, my blissful thought fable.

Just embrace

You must chase, after

Just embrace, happily ever after

The Mad Hatter.


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