Baby, I know it.


Now I may not be that size small, medium or large, honey, I know, it.

But I rock these curves. This size triple XL knows how to strut down the street.

Baby, I know it.

They look, they stare, all this time I KNOW, what they are thinking.


Always watching, conjuring up that perfect joke. Haha. HAHA!

I'll laugh too. 

It doesn't hurt anymore, hasn't for a while, growing strong and resistant to the World.

They don't change, I do. I Change, I know it.

Then you talk, you talk, about how looks don't matter, and baby I know it.

I know that deep down inside you'd never even consider someone in that large shirt, billowing down the way, Baby, I know it.

But I'm strong. Proud. Beautiful.

That size triple XL that can make any man smile given the chance. 

Mama can please. Mama can please... Given the chance.

And again, while I may not be that size small you want,

I am that size triple XL that I want. Baby, I know.

So you find him in that slinky little size small.

I hope he makes you happy.

Because Baby, I know, what you never will.



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