The Man and His Cup


United States
42° 43' 39.4896" N, 71° 12' 15.3432" W

He came out of nowhere a figure at night,
Tough and strong, his figure said fight.
Hesitantly I huddled behind a tall rock,
Distantly hearing the tick of a clock.
I heard him breathing, labored and tight.
Then out of darkness came a bright light.
I came out of hiding, my body in shock.
There in his place stood a door with a lock.
The lock, grand and ornate opened without reason.
I stepped inside and behold; a change in the season
What once was summer, dry and hot,
Was winter, wet and cold in its spot.
Again there appeared the strange looking man.
Terrified of what he’d do I ran.
Searching for the big, gaudy, door,
I realized that it was here no more.
From off in the distance I heard a loud shout.
It took only this to make me run about.
I kept running getting nowhere fast.
I hoped that this endless treadmill would not last.
The man gained ground until he caught up.
He stood in front of me and held out a cup.
Making odd noises, not quite speech,
He told me with nothing but a loud screech:
"To take a sip, it couldn’t hurt"
I tried to say "no" kindly, but had to be curt.
Ignoring my words, he tipped my head back.
Touching my neck until I went slack.
Then he poured the liquid into my mouth.
It went straight through me, headed south.
When it reached my heart,
I jolted with a start.
It was as if I had come across a sea of gold.
Every part of me started to fold.
I crumbled to pieces knowing this was the end.
I had gotten all I wanted in this friend.
The man had shown me with his kind love,
All the knowledge that the world knew of.


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