The Chasm of Thought

My mind is an unblocked portal. 

A never ending flow of thoughts and opinions.

The food of knowledge never saciating my hunger to learn.

Always needing more time.

Every minute, every second, a new lesson learned. More knowledge gained.

I will NOT be restricted, told what I can know.

For my mind is unshackled.

My body but an anchor in a sea of thought.

Tie me down, I still fly.

Many layers.

Deep chasms filled with with different aspects of my knowledge.

I will never be filled.

Never have enough.

I will never conform my mind to the status quo.

Never concede to the supposed orthodox thoughts.

For you can judge my thoughts, my words, but you are yet another lesson,

Anoher obstacle pushing me toward intelligence.

For my veins are not wires, my heart not a clock.

My mind, my soul uncontrollable.

My body but a vessel to hold it in.

If cracked my soul lives on with the knowledge stored.

No man, no thing can sever my soul.

Only a carcass of flesh and bone.

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