She's Afraid


She's afraid of things that shouldn't be scary,
like walking to class and people staring.

She's afraid of her reflection too,
She's afraid and she wants to tell you.

But she's afraid that you just won't care,
Because of what happened to him last year.

He told you that he was also afraid,
You didn't listen enough and now he's dead.

They're BULLIES and a warning isn't enough,
Just do something, like detention for a month.

You promised him that he'd be safe,
But then why is he now in his grave?

Do something more than just a talk,
it's more serious than you may have thought.

She's afraid that she will want to die,
like the boy last year that you denied.

Do something and make them feel okay,
you have the power to make it go away.

Stop treating these people like they're kids,
they know what they're doing, they're not innocent.

Do something because they know it's wrong,
they know it hurts when they sing their song.

"You're ugly", "You're fat", "You're stupid and dumb",
"Just kill yourself, it's what we all want."

Does that sound innocent to you?
These are the nicer things that they do.

So she's afraid that you won't see,
how truly desperate is her plea.

She's afraid that she will shoot the gun,
she's afraid that you will help her none.

She doesn't know that it's not like this,
in the real world, she will really make it.

She wont' be afraid of those things that aren't scary,
and the only reason that people will be staring,

Is the beautiful smile she wears every day,
and it's so beautiful that they just can't look away.

Don't take this from her, you know she deserves it,
just make your move and end all of this.


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