Dancing in a Field of Fire

The roaring thunder

Rolls to my ears,

And I feel the lightning

Running through my veins.


Colors change before my eyes

From the dull grays and whites,

To the vibrant blues and reds,

Beckoning me to come and play.


The rush of the river is now

More evident than before,

And for it I am thankful that is indeed mine,

As I drink my fill and dive deeply in.


I will dance in this open and free field of fire,

And even though I know

It will recede to ashes once more,

I will carry on without a care.


I will enjoy this one moment

Of blissful ignorance.

Or perhaps…

Of blissful wisdom?


As the flames lick my limbs

I feel my eyes glaze over,

And my mind ceases to be immobile,

That far away look painted clearly on my face.


And perhaps

It would burn another,

But it does not harm me,

But lights my own fire deep inside.


The flames steady around my feet,

Wrapping around my being

Like a second skin

Running circles around me.


Twenty-four thousand sparks

Have come together tonight,

Like the millions of stars have,

Shining down upon us.


Get busy child,

For you are still young,

And the dawn of a new day

Is fast approaching.


Get busy young one,

For this fire,

Will soon fade to ashes,

But you must keep on with its beat,


Keep on going, young child,

For you have much to do still,

And many more fortnights to dance,

Before someone snuffs out your candle.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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