Reggae Themes

As i convert my self over onto the mellow side,

i look around and think of all tragic themes of my life,

to the fighting and the regressing of whats right,

gun shots fired, people pointlessly chilled,

questions to the world, how much blood has truly spilled?

Capturing the manifestation of life,

A goal many venture away from,

due to how many times a fall must come to you,

in that process.

Life brothers and sisters is beautiful.

look around breathe says the old man,

you know nothing youre just old,

indeed the old man says,

confused, why has he agreed?

In one motin the "Wise" man planted a seed,

as it grew thoughts lingered,

on what the old man truly knew.

upon regontion he realised,

that it was he who knew nothing,

that the old man who just agreed,

tought him something he couldnt believe,

.... its not for me to tell, just water your seed.


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