I stand there peering, fearing and desiring. Wondering who would be the one like never before, i bare no ideal and i bare no hold, alas my gaze submits far beyond the earthly shore. Pondering and wondering, thinking and beginning to wonder what lies beyond this earthly shore. My life be my gift and death is my wonder, yet i will live forever and ever. I will not partake of the drink that led me to the brink of my ability to think when my soul began to master the never-ending ink that led to the script of what lies beyond that earthly shore but alas i may quoth forevermore. My hands are tingling and my body is unshakeable, breaking yet it is unbreakable and i will not believe that i am tangled in this web so unstable drinking from the cup of a meaningless fable. I dare not say that there is no god, it would be a lie, a trick. I would be deceived but of all the life i perceived he has never been so clear alas my eyes can see, who i truly be, this compelling image of me. I walk and walk and walk and walk across the chambers of my mind and while i travel i would hope to find, the answers beyond this earthly shore. I feel it even within my bodies core, i crave knowledge thus and i crave it evermore, I sit here wondering and pondering what be this in me that craves this much more, i dare quoth forevermore. I lay across my bed same as i always do wondering who that could be in that mirroring door dare i say knowledge forevermore. Looking into my mind peering and yet fearing what lies beyond this earthly shore. 

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Our world
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