She Needs To Be Love


She cries every night

tears streaming down her face

She needs to be loved again

she's forgotten the taste.


The taste of the sweet kiss

that once made her smile

She needs to be held again

if only for a little while.


She needs someone to talk to

when she needs a friend

She has a broken heart 

that she feels cannot mend.


She needs to be loved

forget the tears

She needs someone who'll be there

forever throughout the years.


All she thinks about

are the times you had together;

You both said

you would be forever.


She needs someone there for her

she knows she can trust;

This isn't just a want

this is a must.


With all the signs of 'true love'

she has been shown

She still cries at night

'cause she's still alone.


She needs to be loved again

someone's baby girl;

Someone who will tell her

she is his world.




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I love this peom. It touched my heart cause I feel like this sometimes

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