The Mentality of a Black Woman


The mentality of a black woman
Taught to exploit our sexuality
Manipulate the reality that we are only a step up in society
From our seeds
Taught that the best quality of us is the fact that we can breed
Funny how all we are is an imitation of the emulation of the white man
Nappy roots to straight hair
Dark skins to light skin
Alterations to the natural beauty that our ancestors tried so ambitiously to preserve
And we are still conflicted with what a true woman’s worth
Our status in society
That appearance of impropriety
Wide lips big hips tiny waist and legs for days
Learning skills where our head lays 
getting paid for our priceless possession
Feeding our hungry obsession to be that girl
You know the chick we see on the magazines and the hip hop videos
The one we read about Ghetto glorifications books that teaches us the we are not hoes 
just using our body as an advantage to manage by any necessary means 
lying to ourselves that degradation is prone to happen so deal with it 
And that we need to preserve the dying race of black men so if we contract HIV we must get killed with it.
Live by the sword die by the sword
Spread legs is the only financial aid that we can give to our landlord
Keeping up with all the latest fashion trends
Still keeping up with the trendsetter that made having babies at 13 ok
And being comfortable with food stamps section 8 
And thankful Uncle Tom provides WIC and Medicaid 
No longer dreaming dreams of inquisitive articulate minds
But only closed minded hopes to be that ideal black girl in the soul-train line
Lying to ourselves that the temple God blessed us with is where every man is suppose to pray
But that’s not true
We are much more that an accessory to a crime
And priceless when it comes to money so I don’t know why they refer to us as dime
more than a walking diary of a thug
And much more than the desperation to be loved 
So who are we?
If every woman knew the answer to that question
We would be considered a true African queens


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