Basic Liberties for All?


United States
42° 6' 5.328" N, 72° 34' 36.0336" W

With silence, we took our beating, harsh cracks and whips replaced with slurs and snide remarks.
We stand in protest, holding hands in unity while they their voices carry-- sharp barks.
Released from the cage, yet broken our people's wings cannot fly.
For so long we've suffered but no more, now my people we fight until we die!

Rally the women, rally the men, rally the army once more.
Pick up the books, pick up the guns, together we charge the door!
Whether we fight with words or we fight with fists never let up the fight.
Remember our sisters and brothers whose flesh was burned and lit up the night.

Remember your children kicked to the dirt, longing for more than you could ever provide.
Let your voices be heard my people, do not stop, do not hide!
Rebel against the bigots, rebel against the inequality, rebel against the discrimination!
Join the fight for a properly equal nation!

If the motto is "United we stand, divided we fall" why doesn't that include us all?



I may not be African American but I know discrimination as a minority, a woman, and a queer. It feels as if the world is against you so, I wanted to portray the fight and the different forms it takes. I'm always willing to have positive critiques and points for improvement, so if there is anything, please feel free to let me know!

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