Floetic Musing on Love & Lust

Your face in between these thunderous thighs

Guiding me on an ascent to cloud nine on the way to meet the most high

In between these sheets is where our love lies.

And never mind the noise outside

The only sound that matters is our sighs

As our eyes meet

It is in this reflection we greet

The most high

Heads in the sky

Like birds we fly

Singing rhythms and rhymes

Seeking comfort seems to be our demise

But much to our surprise, it is knowledge that we find

In the form of hope, our only means to survive

In a world made of concrete a rose finds a way to stay alive

This lust has become love

Must be a sign from the one above

This seed, watered from tears we’ve cried

A testament to our choice to decide

Love or hate, Truth or lie

Refusing to live in fear

We choose peace of mind



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