From One to Another

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 16:56 -- Quayna

Dear Girl on the Other Side of the World,


I want to ask “how are you?”

But those are just words. Empty noise.

You won’t give me an honest answer

I won’t give you an honest listen.


So let me try something else

Do you go to school? What’s your favorite subject?

Math? Art? History? Science? Music? Is there a school to go to?

What’s your dream? Or are you lost? Searching for…

Are you alone? Or you have a big family?

Enough to form your own baseball team.

Do you know baseball? What do you like to for fun?

Maybe working takes up all your time.

Do you live in the city? One filled with noisy lights.

Or you’re in the country? Nature’s paradise.

Are your hands calloused? Soft? Tanned? Yellow?

Do you play an instrument? The drums? Piccolo? Guitar? Sing?

Or do you prefer making art? With pencil? Jewelry? Cloth?

Are you happy? Sad? Suffering? Content?

Is life peaceful? Or chaotic?


Will you answer me? Truthfully?

I want to learn. Knowledge is power. Is what they say.

But what if what if what we know, is not correct.

Truly, I know nothing about you, your experiences.

Your life, your actions, who am I to judge.

One day, I might see you on the news.

You did something terrible. Something heroic.

And I’ll read all about it.

But it’s only a piece of your story. Not the whole.

I want the whole. But in this world,

We rarely get the whole.


Am I rambling too much?

Maybe you’ll just ignore this. That’s okay.

You have no obligation to me. You don’t know me.

And that’s life. Life goes on.



Just a Girl Wondering


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Our world


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