Is It Really Worth It???

To know that you have talent,

But feel so useless.

Wanting to soar through the world,

But then they tell you that you'll abuse it.


They'll tell you to always be yourself,

Yet actors get paid alot.

I'm pretty good at acting,

But I just can't find my right spot.


What is my purpose??

Heck If I do know.

God gave me so much talent,

That sometimes I don't even know what I'm here for.


Yea...I can tell you about my talent,

And let you tell me about how they're a waste.

I could tell you about how much effort I will give just to be at the top,

Just to hear you not tell me the truth.


That getting to the top is hardwork,

Well....Is it really?

Let me help your mind evolve,

And while I'm at it I'll help your ignorance dissolve.


Yes it takes hardwork but that is not the tool,

That is just a supply that only the truthful actually use.

Many other use deception, and play dirty tactics.

Like they'll sell you a dirty mattress but you don't know until you lay on it...And it fells like a cactus.


So you throw it away thinking that it is not of good use,

Not realizing that you literally threw money away thinking...I should've bought those pair of shoes.

But...a cactus has it's what about the mattress?

You've failed to realize that karma is A SON OF A good mother, so you throw the water in a ditch.


Now you're sick because the seller put dirty needles in the mattress,

He convinced you not to test it but instead have it.

Now you got it, and he got you.

He made a sale, and wasn't thinking about you.


He got that mattress and was tld to sale it to you,

And you got the disease but you threw away the cure.

You threw away the problem so you threw away one solution.

Now you're scatching and bending like your body's polluted.


You've worked hard for that mattress,

And now you're dying from it.

Now you're crying from it,

Because you could've died from it.


No you didn't die but now you're woke.

Yes you did buy the mattress but needles were a joke.

Now you see that small things have a bigger picture,

WAIT.....don't leave....take this knowledge with you.


Working hard to accomplish life is everybodies goal,

Even those who hate have a goal to sell their soul.

So before you say you'll give you're all just to have a dream,

Ask yourself would you go blind, or the pray to the devil on your knees.









This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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