The simple things in Life I did and did not know


College preparation, scholarships, grades

Weed, alcohol, making out

Living up to every non expectation

Stereotypical, but the polar opposite

It wasn't when I found myself walking through the gates

Or being in my classes

Or even working on my scholarships 

It was the post card I got saying I was going to take my senior pictures soon

My paychecks flowing into my savings account for college

My first college campus visit

And my first time staying out until midnight with only 2 friends and no adults.

I grew up too fast

And learned so much in so little time

As a freshman I thought I couldn't do half the things I've done

That I wouldn't

Life is a bright shade of black

I always knew that

It has ups in places and downs in others

One event can't depict your quality of life

And life is unpredictable

If it was predictable

No one would live it

I always knew that

College credits are different from highschool credits

Boyfriends aren't always meant to be, even if you've been together for years

The inevitable will always happen no matter how much you don't want it to

You can read a thousand books and life will always catch up to you

I didn't always know that

Anger management is harder than it appears

Friends aren't always friends

And the kids you think are too cool and will never talk to you are easy friends to make

I didn't always know that

Being my best self has been the hardest challenge 

My teachers, therapists, family, friends and I have ever given me

But not being my best self is worse

Than any challenge thrown my way

I will always know that.

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