Curiosity killed the Innocent

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 21:51 -- klane2

The subtle disease

Of creeping intelligence

Is the glorified undoing

Of a wondering mind.

Up rises the curiosity

With every take 

Every hit

As the power to control 

Dominates the eyes. 

Nothing can escape them

And time is not too quick

To hide the influences


Before the eyes. 

Strangle the gist

They understand all too well

And innocence can be no more. 

They wish to close

To erase the veins

That lead to memory. 

The veins

Take over the only innocence left

As immortal ivy.

Clinging and clawing

Strangling the white of the eye

Desperately wishing 

To dominate the blue. 

The only color left alive. 

For the black is hollow. 

The epicenter can not lie

Nor be lied to.

And the eyes can not shut

For want of a severed mind. 

But the veins build and course

Widening with the horror

The numb fear

Of the observations of knowledge

Cracking the crows feet

Drying any emotion that might flow

That might jepordize

The subtle growth 

Of the thorny disease

Spliting and diviging face

With the profound knowledge

That even in death

The eyes will not close.

The veins will continue to grow

To pass along the frozen, 

Decrepid face. 

The glorified unding

Of the once smooth beauty

Before the curiosity

Of the innocent. 


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