We're Almost There

A plethora of people from everywhere have seen it unfortunately, but will they ever feel it, live it, breathe it, or know it? I know I live it and am a nominee, but have not physically endured it - thank God. But I feel it coming, and like a wise man once said "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today" and because life is an unexpected labyrinth, the best gift I can give to myself is to prepare. Preparation encloses many factors education being the primary key. In my opinion there are two forms of education that one can grant themselves: one being to know thyself, get to know your past, ask grandma how she grew up, this ultimately will ground you into knowing that you are not any better than your neighbor. And when you feel entitled, others will smile, while one will rightfully knock you off your high horse. But where did this sense of entitlement stem from? Holt McDougal told you so, he fed all of his pupils who signed and sold one year of their life into his work. And if those pupils were lucky enough to pass his test, they'd move right along to soak up more of his - story. The lies we are fed, steers our head, to an avenue of disarray, political correctness to avoid, controversy, oblivious cultural appropriation," If you can, why can't I?" my question is "Why would you want to?" Is it because you fail to know yourself, your past, or even so my friend you do not want to know or care about your past? Luckily, that is a fixable but a highly common problem, and sometimes the truth hurts. The tapes keep rolling, thumbs keep posting, tears still rolling, triggers keep pulling, and the system keeps controlling. There will always be talk about the system, folks blame it while coincidentally the beneficiaries refuse to change it. I am not a rocket scientist, yet. But the problem is clear as day. There are winners and losers for a reason, maybe there is an imbalance in America's equity and equality ratio. But who is to know? Education is the way to go. And flipping original scriptures, documents, deleting vital information, then feeding it to honest pupils to build your own vision ran under your system? That is not okay in my book, they decided to capture my grandmothers, commit rape to create their own vision, their own children to run under their system. That is unacceptable, they carried my family as cargo, then brought them to America and once again created their own image of me as blackface “Shuckin and Jivin”. Deciding not only with my culture, but with every culture that did not have blonde hair and blue eyes to play a game of "Rent-a-Culture" then deny and dismiss our struggle. If you look closely, we are the most infamous classification and symbolization in the America. We have also been systematically dehumanized as subhuman, characterized and symbolized our existence, as evil or negative. There has been plenty of occasions in American history that attempted to extinguish our presence. They have used their laws, policies, and resources to have my brothers fight and kill one another over printed paper, turning us against one another. A plethora of people from everywhere have seen it unfortunately, but will they ever feel it, live it, breathe it, or know it?

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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