Philautia and Phila

A humble woe am I

With many compassions

But no motion for emotion

For there is no commotion

In this non-amorous notion


A lad,

Seeking nothing but the joyfulness

In everyday animation.

I am lost without love

But found without it.


A glamour, A sheen

I am absolute and nothing concrete 

Perfection at hand

And as smooth as sandpaper 

I may woo but never act

For self respect will never allow.


Interlocked within this community

Of Love, and Joy and inevitably Hate

We are engaged by the simplicities

That of which life brings about

To such social beings

And to research the meaning of



An honor it is,

In this hollow abyss,

To be drenched with these friends

An ever longing pool of knowledge

Lodged in this simple shallow sea

To search softly

Striking sincere symbols of Truth

Ensued by synergy


United in one state of mind 

We bring harmony

To even those who are lost in heart

To beacon the humanity within 

Each body in our Great Mother

To emerge and express themselves 

Freely, transparently, and with dignity


Because Love has no cost

And no single Love exists

Within our one selves

I Love You

Does not solely belong to 

Two people

We are a complex system of 

Thoughts and Emotions

So Because I Love You

My love goes to you, your friends and theirs


But who am I

To speak my own words

But a lover, a human, a voice

In this scripted definition of....

Who am I?


Who are you?

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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