Where is the Wisdom We Lost?

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 09:30 -- howej


Where is the wisdom now lost?

Is convenience really worth the cost?


Books replaced for screens and instant streaming;

Concertos and Symphonies for banging and screaming.


No more pondering, reflection or conversation,

Only media, porn and degradation.


Where once was manner, integrity, respect

Now lies behavior loose and deject.


We fill every moment of silence with sound,

And drown out all thoughts remotely profound.


Despite all our effort for fulfillment and pleasure,

There remains only boredom and complacence in leisure.


We moan and complain when the Internet slows,

The list of trolling comments inevitably grows.


If this is the only way to be,

Why isn’t anyone ever happy?


For all the facts and how-to’s on our shelves,

We still can’t do anything for ourselves.


With more information than ever before,

Let’s just throw knowledge right out the door.


Out goes the knowledge and in comes the lies,

Only ourselves to blame and despise.


Humanity is slave to entertain,

While political agendas wash the brain.


A generation of pigs, so smart and so clever,

Lead to the slaughter by the farmer’s endeavor.


Packaged meat sold by the pounds,

Made into sausage and fed to the hounds.


Freedom is the only insignificant cost,

Of the wisdom we conveniently lost.


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