what would you change

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      The halls are long and the light is far Music no one can hear, is in my head  They read me, yet they don't know who they are
Everyday when I get home I lay in bed
Do you know what you consume?
Search Engine Status: Filtered.  Search in Images: Beautiful Woman  What you see:  symmetry  exposed skin  blinding perfection  small waists, thigh gaps, perfect features.  What it really is:
Beauty comes from with Not from makeup and chemicals Beauty if how you are born You come in cleansed
Loot at me I'm here just like you See me For who I am not for who you want me to be You see we are alike: you and me  But you wonder... Is it she or he? I look at you
If CHANGE were loose change- Coins found haphazardly in the seat of a sofa or trapped in the crack of the sidewalk The world would be a different place Loose change with little value
I will change the neighborhood I live in with kids selling drugs because their parents abandoned them
I was crying all the time, She couldn’t be there for me. The children were sad, My heart was hurting.  
There is many bad things in this world, Racism, Sexism, Disease, Terroism, Hunger, Homelessness, It seems endless, Hopeless even, But what if I could change one thing,
our world today is harsh, we are left with blood and scars. because someone hurt us in our past, and we thought we would never last but here we are standing stronger than the u.s army ready to fight.
I would change everything Not just for one place But for all the races Or else nothing will change Things would be the same So we need some change in the world
Tattoos extended across the entire human body a sign of past mistake an eternal judgment from society.
The thing I would change  Falling in love with her She loves me for me She has captured my heart  And  she is an amazing person to be with   I hade back all my feeling for  some I love
Armies of one on a shared battlefield We are soldiers, and soldiers bleed Blood drips sluggishly from our wounds As we fight for others' greed   We should work together as a team
Change who decides what that means? Websters says it means to make or become  different But what is different? Is different the people who walk down the street
Long live those Chicago nights  When there was pick up games instead of fights Long live those chicago days Where the kids lived to play another day Come home Chicago we all miss you
Have you ever seen a man That chose blindness Tore off his eyelids anf gouged out his eyes Who would close themselves off From such a beautiful reality It isn't hyperbole Don't you scoff
Us verses them mentality The other guys are always the bad guys We war to protect our people Because those other people are dangerous Those other people war to protect their people
Two beautiful trees stand side by side Two beautiful trees get the same sun Two beautiful trees get the same rain One beautiful tree stands satisfied The other's roots reach for more
The chamber is cramped and crowded No face faces another face For compassion this should be challenged and changed
I was poured from the well of the sky, where even the rain is pure Trickling from the bucket, where I froze into the mold I was made to be
College is cuffed to a broken bank. We starve to stand as equals in an increasing unequal unity. To change we must look at the cost of what we are reaching for as a resident of life.
What are really discussion hit hard facts that leave you dazed like concussion how can money come when there's no reproduction who hand's the dirties like uncles seduction
A thump. Then a scream. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING" I wanna go home.                 Help stop human trafficking. Bring them back home.   
If my Head is up there a part of  the clouds, then let the words that come out my Mouth,  be the first droplets of a Storm.   Storms can flood towns,  clearing away rust and rubble
Partying has never been my thing I've always been the one who was studying that night I finally went out all hell broke loose   that was the night I lost you BANG BANG is all I remember 
how are you who areyou i love you
If heaven sent change, Cool as raindrop showers, To water the Earth- And if I to Him could send A simple, lone request- My heart would scream At highest pitch To save us from ourselves.
Everyone judges or gets judged though for some it can happen more often than it should, when it does what emotions do they feel, embarrassment, anger, shame and hurt?
I would comb the beaches of garbage--sca-tter--ed trash, collect the refuse like we once collected seashells as the waves crash.   And scrub off the chemicals
What society says, goes.
What would I change? People are going around talking about feminism. Others about the government. Me? I would like to make aware the value of others. Some take for granted the people they meet.
She cannot change her opinion of herself, Can she only support the silenced. Deep in her throat, She knows she cannot change her opinion. The domain of man has changed their opinions, Of themselves,
No freedom. You have committed the worst crime in their eyes. Being different is a sin. You don't think like them. Positive happiness is in your every thought. That isn't allowed around here.
Everywhere I look, I see sadness in the community. People are barely making it in life, while sharing the love of life. Paying rent, while only eating pieces of bread, and a glass of kool-aid.
People are starving Becoming homeless and dying We got to make a change By making a committee we can arrange  
Jame'ka   I am tired. I am furious. And I am amazed at how much ignorance still lives upon this earth. One day I would like to rise up and change the mindsets of the young adults.
My hair The color too dark I would make it glow with blonde   My eyes A dullish brown I would make an ice colored kingdom   My nose To pointy and big
What would you change? What would I change? You would change the world to be the palm of your hand But I would change myself to be the queen of the your hand You are the first-rate officer
So many things, Too much pain, Nothing ever changes, Until it's addressed, And plain.   Complications vary, Theres nothing you can do, But what if there is, You ask,  
If I could change anything I would grow claws and teeth long enough to cut through the fake, plastic coating  that covers the world saying one has to be
"If there is one thing you could do to change the world, what would it be?" The timeless and tired question Of what one might do if they had this impossible ability, To change the world.
He was unlike any other man I’ve met.
A tangle web, tangle lives But take a look deep down inside Greed consumes, greed takes It makes my heart ache   Children working for cents Children starving in the trench
In this world,  Nothing is safe.  Everyone gets hurt, And the thieves always take.   They take from the rich  Like they take from the poor. They take and they take 
They waddle onto war - a walk to the park? -With bodies blown and souls sent to the dark?   I say “Young lads, throw down your guns, And reach up for peace that rests in the sun.”  
The world is dying, but change revives Hate kills the unique and strengthens ignorance Knowledge changes minds and revitalizes acceptance Kindness lets a wave of love wash over the massess and changes hearts'
Food. Our Food. Our Children's Food.
The most powerful of emotions. The most needed emotion. I would instil love in every living being. With love there is no war, with love there is a healthier planet.
When did
What would I change?   Would I leave everything the same?   When you look at this world you see the answer.    People living on the streets fighting for there next meal. 
I would have a home Warm in the winter with a heater by my feet Instead of a taped tablecloth as a window Cool in the summer Instead of filled with heavy, humid air
As human beings we need to know about our futureI am a 14 about to be 15 year old student who cares about the earthPeople need to realize that we are killing the world slowlyThe End Of The World is coming soonI know it is,The sad part about knowin
What is change anyway? The shift of one thing to a next. The new beginning we are all looking for.  The hope for something different. Our belief that something great is to come  
Some things man should never know
If I could do anything,  I swear i'd have the world changing.  i'd make everyone's lives better,  create world peace and end hunger.  Cure cancer, end abuse- keep someone from hanging a noose. 
You cut in three's  Because of the Holy Trinity--  He is your grace, salvation, forgiveness. But isn't it ironic? As your white skin blooms  That you'd seek comfort 
Is it okay, To feed off of someone’s insecurities? To tell them shut up so often that they are afraid to speak out? To make them want to crawl into a corner and hide?   Is it okay,
I think sometimes the sky should be a chalkboard that I can scribble on That way everyone can see my thoughts And maybe be entertained They would see ornate designs and oriental shades
If I were given the power to change one thing, to be given a chance to change a human being I would make the diabled whole, something that would complete their soul I would give the blind a world of color,
If I were given the power to change one thing, to be given a chance to change a human being I would make the diabled whole, something that would complete their soul I would give the blind a world of color,
I would change If I could change women’s volleyball shorts. their function is fine, They fit the way they were designed to I am able to dive, hit pass and spike in them.
In dreams My my voice, my will Are as mighty as your deity. Just as busy moments become still, Speeding up the mental drill, All respect Creators as they were meant to be.   Creators, crafting
  When presented with the opportunity
Some days I stand upon an edge And the soft hills of that yearned-for life tread off in the distance, Watercolor hills-- less real than I would make them. Disappointment is a deep, blue abyss.
C is for the children lost. A for the astounding cost. N the needle’s painful prick. C is for the children sick. E the earthly world does cease. R is for the rest in peace.
Sitting on the bus with my ears plugged My sinuses throbbing like wrestling giants Inside my cotton-filled head, I learned Of a place more beautiful and sad Than any I had ever seen.  
When I was little, I was fat.
What would happen, if our inspirations drowned? If the brook stopped running - from the forest, not a sound? What would happen, if the robin ceased to sing? If the wind stopped blowing, or the dove not lift its wing?
When I was four I used to play school with my brother and cousin.We would take turns writing lessons on the chalkboard.The scribbles could have meant anythingFrom art to math to history.
No one hears the girl who cries in the night, No one sees the girl with tear-stained eyes, No one cares for the girl who sniffles back her emotions, People only care to make assumptions.
In her eyes, I saw the rise of a nation Death to hatred, and life to glory. In her eyes, I saw bright blessed mornings Colorful stories, and happiness abound.   In her eyes I saw the gleam of a dreamer
God's greatest gift of birth in disrespect. A child's life, but now wil never be. The fate of baby, could have been with me or you. Not through love you chose to reject.   
If there was one thing i would change
What would I change? It’s hard to say. Our world is far from perfect, One problem after another. The question is, What is the most important? Starvation? Poverty? Pollution of the environment?
Change. Who would say they are good enough that they don't need Change? Who would say they do not want to make Change? Who would say the world doesn't need Change? None.
The earth’s crust cracks The hot lava deep from inside writhes in aching pain, Striving for a release My face crumbles in agony as I see the cruelty rein on My heart beats strong
  Our SCREWED UP Generation  
What would I change...? A whole hell of alot if you ask me.... Why is the melanine in one's skin persecuted? Why are people hate for their sexuality? Why are people considered aliens...?
mistrust, the root of all problems. don't trust your friend don't trust your neighbor don't trust your parents most of all don't trust  yourself.  you don't know what you want
The cold gloom clutches my heart. I fight, I squirm, I cannot escape.   Tears stream down my face. I wipe them away to no avail, they just come back.      
Beauty is there, for everyone to see, But people now a days seem to be blind. No thoughts at all, of what beauty can be,
            The little white bug glows and hums again,             Within it could be a sting or a hug.             Afraid to see, I reach hesitantly down             And pick up my future, past, and present.
Change people's actions For others to help one another  Instead of staying in fractions
  Days change, seasons change We age Minds grow hormones flow We rage Images, false images enough is enough Display something real What’s the point of touch ups?
To see the children play, laugh, and learn to read a book, practice piano, or create something new. They may one day build a better world through the influence of imagination.  
  She drinks a bottle, then another, and another She feels sick and wants to stop But she knows that she can’t She needs to feel happy   He has no money left, but keeps borrowing, and gambling
Dear Fear,
What would you change if you had the power? Give money to the poor, Save those in their last hour?
1.What would I change 2.What would you change 3.What would we change
"it's just a phase," they told me. can phases kill you? "it's just high scool," they told me. it's loneliness, it's hell, it's almost fatal.
If this world were heaven, it wouldn't be so shadowy and miserably sad.  
The starving girl looking in the mirror Measuring her body Still thinking she’s too fat I would change that. The boy who takes out the bandages To cover up his cuts
  They look this way I shudder in the cold Talons through ice Tearing and crawling Beneath, all bleed
One step into the mirror, You see a girl you hate to be. Never talking to anyone, always filled with doubt. My mouth is sealed shut but my heart remains untouched.
Change is meant to be new and innovatingDespite the risk of failure and fearDeep within I wish to change the way this system educations runsPeople make simple complex and complex too complex
READ ALL ABOUT IT! But do you really? A boy in the back of the class scars on his wrist. The girl in the front throws up to keep her figure. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?
So I confessed, I need time. With just you.   So you say, “I’ll give you the day.” Like it’s the hardest thing in the world to do.   So you picked today,
I'm sad, I'm mad, I don't know how to feel. My graduation is coming-
I love you in waves
You turn your head and look at me. I can see the ocean in your eyes. What happens to the waves after they crash? The shells are tossed and thrown against the shore, But underneath the wrath of the sea,
What will I tell my children 15 years from now?  My brave 8 year old boy and his sweet 5 year old sister? "Why mommy, is daddy away all the time?" They ask: "Because he is catching the bad guys" 
Walking into my reunion
A look A smile A nose turned up A small crinkle in the heart Eye contact made A quick little wave A sharp piercing glare Eye contact broke Out on the street
What would I cange to be with you Something that I thought hard and through I would change everything and more I will tear down the earth's core   It would be hard to see You with anyone else but me
If I can change one thing about the world what would be I would say where to start poverty strickin lows violence abuse depression starvation and weather crisis so many topics that need attention
Inside all man is a pain for desire. As the insides of you groan, like the earth groans for something.. you.. yourself cant provide it..
Little girl, dry your tears For today you are free Your body is healed Your soul is flying No longer wanting to flee   Little girl, walk in the sun
Will I ever receive love? Will I ever receive a home? I could make a great friend I could be your best friend   I have feelings too I have emotions too Please, bring me inside from the cold
I would change the way we hate ourselves throw and trash and skin ourselves hate the curves and bumps of ourselves   I would find the love of a child a happy with skinned knees child
What Would You Change?   Fag  Loser Fatty
I did not go. I would have gone to the memorial. I do not know.   What he would say, I will always wonder, If I would have expressed my feelings that day.  
I can't seem to remember when time ran away I know it must have been here at some point before the play   It makes me feel so dizzy when I turn around tripping on my own two feet
Imagine a people who seek...      to love ALL people      to heal ALL hurts      to free ALL in bondage      to provide ALL needs      to guide ALL the lost      to restore ALL broken relationships
Charity Charity is something you can't see It's felt Your heart swells up when you feel it Cuz it's love It's kindness It's selflessness for all man-kind Show a little kindless
Tony. The name on a pizza but That wasn’t your name. It’s just what people called you when you held Slimy beers in your hand When you had a pipe and some  Green leaves, white powder,
Silence It surrounds me Someone talking in the other room Someone is laughing But the silence is around me Crushing me. I can’t breathe.   I wait a moment, I blink She’s twelve
Damn she is so hot WOW she has huge boobs look at that ass words spoken by people about others only looking at sex appeal not character the media thows women in my face 
If I could change one thing in the world, If it were up to me, I would change the way kids are taught In our public schools   I would make students see, That learning is so much more,
...as I prepare for college... It's stressful, the whole process of getting there, but it's worth it... It totally is worth it... -JF
If there’s one thing that makes me cry It’s seeing the cold tears from my mother’s eyes That fall because she tries to pay
Everyone dreams it A tweek here and there, but is it worth it? Become someone else. Change just a little or change everything?   What point is too much?  
People think same love is a change in love It's all the same 
Cheers... To all the girls and boys who made it to see another day even though there are some who struggle to go the right way Cheers... To all my associates who get to walk across the stage in 48 days
Feelin’ Uneasy   "I hate you!" I'd scream at my parents as a kid with little knowledge of the meaning Hate: a word so harsh many have trouble believing there's ever a reason to legitimately mean it
You judge the "evil," But who gave you the right to? They're misunderstood.
What would I change you ask? Id change how people judge a person for whats on the outside, they do not judge for whats within. You see because whats on the outside could be ugly and terrifying and then be beautiful and couragous on the inside.
i want to steal from the richfind where all the loveliness hidesand put it into people's bonesbecause they have particles of beautyin their blood.
We can only give to others
Best to strive for Perfection
What is beauty? To society now-a-days it’s a number on a scale, a pants size, a model face A perfect smile, A skinny waist, a beautiful dress made of lace So superficial it is, that we let beauty be this
Drones, Drones, Drones All around the sky Missiles fall from up high A robotic world is nigh. Innovative Uncle Sam Believes he is free from restraint All around the world
Two wrongs don’t make a right. Isn’t that obvious? Isn’t that conventional? Two demons together surely doesn’t work. But his scars match mine while filling my cracks
Oh if I could change it.  Believe me, if I could i would  but is it me or is it them  I don't know so how then can I  Change.    My heels click against the pavement. 
I look  and I see a puzzle A book A poem A movie   Pieces in the wrong spot Horrible use of grammar and syntax With words that don't fit the topic And a butchered editing job  
Brush strokes on canvas can not combine, Voices indignant can change no mind, Stuttering steps will never align. Not while cradled by fear.   Little girl who dreams of more,
Boy, time really flies. I cannot believe it is 2014... Oh how I wish this year would be a year of ultimate change. Determination and dedication, I shall more acquaint myself to you,
Here That policeman walking down the street Is a friend. He will come when called. He is a man of the law.   But there That grungy policeman Huddled in a dirty 
If I could change one thing I would change the petty people. The ones that smile and chat And then stab you in the back. These falsified people Who treat others like dirt, Should all meet each other
The renewing of my mind would not be an easy feat 18 years of conditioning will be a struggle to reverse 18 years of thinking that I was never enough; good enough, smart enough, pretty enough
In a world of many choices I am offered few; all my future choices are sadly left to you.   I want nothing more than love and a warm and caring home, some food to keep my healthy,
  Silence.   I’m choosing not to speak. Everything I say, I say it on repeat. My answer- I don’t know.         Silence.    Yes. I really do.
They said it would come soon But what kind of change did they seek Freedom Change the word freedom is what I wish All unspoken souls unravel the mess in their heads and inhale the truth Change “freedom”
  Love your neighbor as you love yourself What if everyone lived by that rule? What would it change in this world? Greed for money and jewls Maybe even politicians  would stop their scheming  
Oh as the world moves to the seasons of the Sun And the sky changes throughout the day Fist a yelloworange to the brightest blue to peach and then darkness Even on the gloomy days
Tall, slender, and yellow It would be like the top of the world  To sit on such a beaut  Tall, slender, and yellow  
Mirror, Mirror Sitting upon the wall, Tell me clearer, Who's truly fairest of all?
"Do as I say, not as I do." the familiar sting of the phrase can date back to you, to your memories of a child hearing curses and threats, watching mom and dad fight
do we have equality? i'd say no why can't my sister marry her fiance?but my cousin is going into marriage #5 why do i have no idea how to come out? and my straight sister never had to
It all started when I was just a thought in my mothers mind A guessing game for the ages I waited Waited in the corners of my mothers heart In the nutrient enriched darkness of uncertainty Of care
I find myself In a worIld-- A world where fate is my own, hate is unknown. And all absurdity
World peace, hunger, war, disease. There are many who wish they could change these. But in order for us to heal those things, We must first take a look at our stings. From our much smaller cuts, we bleed,
Why must we be fat? Why must the food be bad. Eat a burger feels like you got hit by a bat. Then there are these diets that are fad. As America we are not healthy We are not strong What could be wrong
I went on a journey to find love,
I walk down this lonely alley every night  The moon lights my like a light tower in the sea I talk to the devil every night I meet this alley I hold him by the neck and he comes by the name of Jack 
If I drop one tear it’s for my brother Living alone with no mother Thought that life couldn’t get any worse When guns putted my brother in a hearse
On a road to fame... Most people would expect to see shame. Drugs, sex, and violence, stain the lives of the rich and famous. These "idols" inspire us teens to do the same, But really, who is to blame?
Paint my smile Rouge my cheeks Take the darkness from my face   Soothe my thoughts Heal my fractures Take the darkness from my mind   Life my spirits Cheer my heart
The world in a perpetual state of distraction;
If we opened our arms, To hug her tight, If we wiped the tears, of whom cried at night, If we listened to the voices, That were afraid to speak, So eager to be heard, But never said a word.
what would i change? no matter how big or small what would i change? I would make the smallest kids seem tall I would give knowledge to the ones who need it most
If I could change everything, I woulnt change anything. God put our community together a certain way because he knows we can overcome any struggle.  All we can do is put our heads up and help eachother.  
If I had the power to change anything in the world, The power to change anything, Anything at all... I would change how people view the world around them. Some people see the beauty.
What Would You Change You have just been given the power to change anything in the world What would you change?
Humans are the dominant species Creating buildings that penetrate skies, And having every artificial and natural luxury From this, our evils arise… Entitlement Selfishness Disregard Hate.
What I would change In this world with many things Is the attitude towards women When they wear shorter things Because I shouldn’t be judged Or followed down a street For wearing a dress
How eerie were the deep blue skies,
When given the choice Of what I would change I say go big Or go home   I would change  The way life works and even make God Scratch his head   Imagine a world
*I wish Trayvon and Jordan were names I never knew.   If I could, yes I would, rewind the tape to before the bullets flew. *I’d stop and reflect on how it came to be. These teens each one - black just like me.
  I am powerful. 
The United States of AmericaThe New WorldAn escape for a new lifeA new beginning
The floors painted red The yelling is over The sky has turned smoky With souls put forever to rest
Why imagine that you have the power to change any one thing when really you are as worth as one who is a queen or king? Who would choose to change only one part of this life
Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m not pretty. Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m not always calm. But whatever it was, how did I deserve what they did to me?   I wasn’t born in this city. I didn’t want to be ripped from my mom.
People with Special Needs, Would just be special and just have needs.
What would I change? Change comes in many forms Physically and mentally. You change the color of your hair to fit your personality. But what about permanent changes,  the ones we never get back?
I brought you into this world I can take you out. These are familiar words that every black child hears when they act up The Father, our Father clenches his jaw and whispers these words into our ears
They're there to comfort you and to take care But, what makes it seem as if they re always unfair? Is it because you don't get your will? Is it beause you don't get your way?
Like in the beggining i think of a change  not my fault that I aspire to dream wHo doesn't sin or make a mistake does not mean they are bound straight to hell we are on a wire 
Change. We all crave it. But lets pause and lay on the sticky grass.  Change. Listen to the slow jamz throughout the summer nights. Change.  Don't change the station even if you don't enjoy the song.
This planet is home  but we treat it with such waste we trample this place yet we claim to be the superior race?  Mother Earth is hurting she needs some help our society needs changing 
If I could change one thing in this world, I would take away all the hate that we thrust upon one another.  
My heart is healthy A doctor would say, But I know it's not healthy In the most important way.   It beats and it pumps, It does its job fine; But it's sick and it's black,
Children today are estranged from nature Missing out the little experiences  Like skipping a stone across a pond Or hearing the chirping cicadas on a summer day Or feeling the sun's gentle warmth on your skin 
It's great to see technology increase for the better good.It's great to see people control manual robots for precise surgeries.It's great that deaf people can hear, and soon blind people will see.
Change is coming in this life or the next  to make in my community Is providing the youth with multiple opportunities to get involved. Children will most likely stay out of trouble
War is everywhere Let us all come together And make peace instead
If I could change one thing it would be hate. Girl, small growing up fast told she's never good enough put her down make it a joke. Girl, older growing up slower
If I can change something,  or if can make anything, I would end the wars, well that aleast something,  If I can change anything, I would try to erase evil, I can do anything,
 You Ask Who/ What Am I I am the girl that will chage thousands minds and make the economy green The girl that will makes sure our comuity is a better place to live
They say the world's a stage Filled with actors hoping to memorize lines to a page Well I hope to skip to the chapter where it all ends Where lies come to a stop and we can begin to mend
If we could but become one with all life, And see the world through others' eyes, I wonder, would problems seem small if we looked down At them through the eyes of a high-soaring eagle
Most of us would want to change the world. Some of us might even change ourselves. I would tell us to change how we look. I don't mean go out and get a complete makeover.
If feet beacme hands what would you have? Two extra hands, just what the world needs two hands for watches two hands for saving time Two extra hands are what the world needs two hands for inspiring
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words left scars that can't heal. I was told I was of lower class, 
There they are, you see them Society judge them, but do you? Do you see what society tells you to see or what you want to see? She doesnt like to dress fem Is this a problem, does it hurt you?
The world always adjustsEven when everyday is the exactly same, no two are alikeThere is always something original or a new tale to discussEven routine is incredibly unique 
To change, alter, modifyIf I had the power to revolutionize,Every stroke of the brush placed in my right handwould ever so gracefully trace my vision. 
From violence to insanity, I will change it all. From the kidnappings to the murders, i will change it all. From the guilty to the accused, I will change it all.
Wealth, it's such an illusion. Seeing it on TV causes us confusion. The rich sitting and doing nothing but indulging in luxuries. Never revealing the hard work put into their companies. Every effect has a cause.
Save the trees,save the bees.Shall we appeaseall off theseideas to change today? I highly doubt that I apply,The bees are plump and tree grow high.Instead, I look at those around me.
so we grew up in boxes tall rigid  unyeilding that allow for nothing but conformity designed from conception when  sperm meets egg our parents didn't know but every time they told us
so we grew up in boxes tall rigid  unyeilding that allow for nothing but conformity designed from conception when  sperm meets egg our parents didn't know but every time they told us
If i could change Id chage the word i bring in homeess people off the strets ill save Them from the witer nights and the rainy days put food n there empty bellys so they would never go hungry
In the beginning I'm granted with life. How can this be? I'm blessed with a soul that lasts for all eternity   There's a being that watches over me His existence is a mystery  
I would like those that walk blind to see not those with physical handicap, but those suffering something far worse People starve, suffer, and die everyday yet we pass them by and never hear their cries
It’s not something physical and that’s what makes it difficult.   The key to change is always education. Not just of the main applications   But the liberation of the mind
There are thirteen letters that I crave to hear, In a specific order, however. I want to listen to parents whisper it in childrens ears, I want people who think they're clever, People who think they're right,
                                 Imagine  a world..              A world where there was no more countless killing              A world filled with peace and love
Change is something that should be seen more around the world. I grow up seeing poor people but was completely clueless why they did not have a home.
The way people view others It's such a shame If I were king for a day That is what I would change   The color of skin pigment Can create severe judgment Arabians accused of terror
- as i sit here waiting to come up with the decision of what i would change about myself, the world, or my community. then i noticed i never really had a answer, or just one answer to this question.
Change; a single word to revere, Bringing about hope or fear, Depending on the ear the word falls near. To change the world; a new frontier Or uproot a life you hold so dear.  
My hair, the color of straw Compared to others it seems very blah I am not who they think I need to want to be But do I need to care what they think I should think that I need My body is curved and round
A dream.
Look at her hair, Look at his shoes, There's a creepy man over there, drinking some booze. A white man shot, it's all over the news, A black man down "it's his fault, what did he do?"
There’s something wrong When daughters No longer want their fathers To walk them down the isle When suddenly the picture frame
I'm paying for a piece of paper.I'm paying to take classes with information that I can find online with the click of a buttton.I'm paying to stay in a dorm where rules are constantly broken, and my sanity incessantly tested. 
I look forward to the day When the share post doesn't need to say: "Share if you are a strong black woman who doesn't need a man." "Share if you are a strong woman who doesn't need a man."
There was a little seedOne planted six feet downHidden from earths greedInnocence in the groundEach and every day it grewNever in a huryHad lots of time to think things through
Maybelline poisoned me
Warm Feet If you do what you like, you’ll never work a day in your life. There’s always a way to do it your way and get paid, so I’ve been told.
Who has time to help others these days? Why care about them when all I want is to get paid. Yen, pounds, dollars, and notes. Change is forgotten between the cushions of most.
      What if you could see that person one more time, What if you could hold their hand, and look into their eyes, What if you could talk to them and laugh out loud,
the world of today has so much to offer us.... but to what extent? We clean it, we trash it however, how can we do? and what can we do?
Someone save me. The world is turning into turmoil. Everyone's gone crazy. Politicians are stealing money. Children are being killed overseas. Young girls are selling their bodies.
So short the way we live why not change while we can we can change the way we see no labels on people look at them all the same look at tehm with love not hate treat people with kindness
Everyone has dreams and goals, but it may take some time for things to unfold. And once you begin to make some ground, next adversity will come around. I've heard over and over the sky's the limit,
Think for a moment if we didn't consume; If we didn't eat,  If we didn't drink-   More time on the clock for personal use,  More accomplished feats, More seconds to think-  
I'm fed up with the drama It never seems to end I'm fed up with the tears That no amount of hugs will mend   I'm fed up with th attitudes They drive me insane
Ever known the feeling of a stomach that knows no fullness?What would you change if you could stop all the badness?
We all have those few people, those who suffer, those who can not fight back. Stand up. Stand up and make a change.
Let's talk about change - there's something we don't like There's something we have in common - there's something we have in our eyes We never know what we're going to actually do - at least, not until the last nanosecond when
  if i could change anything, i'd reach my hands into everyone's 
Think, Thought, Time, That is all it takes. Take a moment, To really appreciate, Think of the choices, Think of the effects, Think of the people around you instead.
If ignorance is bliss Then let me off this  Ride I refuse to be blind Shutting off my mind Forever Okay to only follow Is a thought I cannot swallow Down
Let's do this before we expire don't look away or you too will transpire into a mindless individual a zombie to them they take you and use you until you are dead open your eyes and listen closely
I would change everything. The way we speak to each other,  The way we treat one another.  The violence,  As cheered on by the media.  The silence, 
If I could change anything, I would make everyone happy
A dollar, a dime a minute Time is money honey, where'd you sleep last night? A stranger's bed is warmer Than the cold, hard street, she says, Every foot that walks on by Might as well be a kick in the face
my life has indeed been pretty simple it has been pretty good, not to crazy but you know have what i have wished to do i wish i did more more for the community, more for others
Change is big. A new look in eyes of the beholder & others as well as yourself. I would change the violence in the world.
This world is all about "me"
No need to talk of world piece But maybe of those who use it as an answer Those who are paraded onstage And asked "What does our society need?"   Men say we are equal But...we aren't
I sat watching the snow, freshly laid on the cold, soppy ground, grass flattened like a callous on a toddler’s head, shining and glistening white and yellow, gazing at the snow and dead grass,
What is there even to change?
If I could change one thing, it would be misery. Because misery is as old as history. No one deserves to feel such pain,  that cannot be fixed with personal gain. Misery can be caused by many things,
i wonder if we will ever realize we look an awful lot like ants working so hard to move over a crumb proudly building our beds but the storm can wash it away any minute panicking over a dew drop
Garbage piles up to the stifled sky Student loans to forever strangle us all
if i would change one thing. one thing in this heartless world- this perverted culture- this unforgiving city- this violent school- this lonely house- this trampled heart- it would be-
Life can be beautiful But for some people it can be brutal  Leading their voice to hide And to become shyness bride
If I could change one, I would change the blemish upon my face, But not the one on yours.
If I could change one thing, I would change the day you lost your confidence You used to be so strong, bubly, and patient You painted a path of joy that I eagerly followed I looked up to you with pride and hope
If I could change one thing it wouldn't be famine, poverty, hunger, or greed. It's not to bring world peace, or stop hate or end slavery.  Not because I don't think these are problems, they are.
Once upon a time is how it used to start Now we see more and more marriages being torn apart
Why change? When you live fine with how you are So used to the same thing The same schedule Same routine
                  When asked a question on ways to change the world why stop at one?
With a peek into the sky, I forgot where I lie. Upon a place I wished to know, I twisted my head to and fro.
Whatever happened to the evaluation of our own sins before casting stones at others? Have we all forgotten that lesson?
What would you change, the way you look or smell? The way they make you feel strange? or the way you look as you fell? Nobody knows how you feel, nobody knows your ways, they dont know you heal,
My wish is to change the equality between everyone in the world To walk the world knowing everyone is equal, but is looking at them with dfferent eyes is like the world is turning upside down 
Challenging myself to Have a better connection with the world And making myself known while Never becoming someone I’m not Going to be proud of in the
I would change the stares, the whispers, the words that exit an eye, a mouth without consequence of how that exchange can change her life.   I would change the apathy, the indiffence, the exuses
How strange to think I could make a change I think of you  and all the other people too  I want it to be green  I want it to be clean  To make a change To rearrange, 
My dearest friends, welcome to the 21st century where a beautiful woman is defined by her money.
What would I change ? The world.... so that children would be fed hate would be dead and love can wed so that promises could be kept and tears wouldn't be wept but where dream's leapt
"Oh my God, I love your skirt! (That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I've ever seen)" I mean, who hasn't seen Mean Girls? I watch and I laugh But isn't it funny how when we laugh,
The women, who face persecution still With paychecks that won’t fill the bill What about the others The internment camp group Japanese who were captured and colored As terrorists and Worse communists
We are born unwonted. some keep up with such a wonky personality, some are pushed into categories by the dogmatic dictators of society, some of our eyes shine curiously, because we know...
In my world the pink would be purple, The orange would be blue. Gray would be a yellow no one ever knew. The grass shant be green, and the sky shant be blue. The young would be old, and the old would be new.
She doesn't care where you are coming from or going to She doesn't  care how old you are or how wise you've become
Vision has been a treasure to me Ever since I was young But then, three years ago, A new song was sung I was only seventeen
It is our country's disagreement that furthers our environment, of homes without fathers, sisters, sons that are away, fighting for some peace between the nations, but it was our leaders' own decisions
Home makes a difference.  Hard work makes a difference.  Stamina makes a difference. Perserverence. Support.  Patience. These should all be enstilled in all.
We live in a society full of inequality An open drawer or a closed book It shouldn’t even matter, the way we look Insecurities are our bullies
In this crazy world, what would I change? If I had the opportunity to plan and rearrange. I'd change people's attitude and some of these laws, imperfection would be perfect, we'd admire everyone's flaw and all.
Modern times deliver new changes equal wages equal rights and equal lives tattoos and piercings as common as high fives anyone can get married and even hair color has become varied
They tell me that your love is one that can't withstand their reality.  They claim that all I need is a grasp of familiarity.  A look-see into the future so I can stop wondering where I ought to be. 
A man sees another man. The man endears the other man. The men love one another. *turns page* The men are an abomination.   The father beats the child. The father starves the child.
How is it okay to discriminate, hate, or criticize based on cruel judgements made without
he's always eager for school to end they tease and taunt his jeans never fit right, he only has two sweaters. but to them, it's funny   she goes about her school day embarrassed
Waking up Filled with anger Blaming the world Why - Do I Do this to myself It's just me and no one else The games I play The things I say
If I could Change I would... Change anger to happiness, Change hate to love, Change violence to peace, Change crime to good deeds, Change controverse to resolution, Change pain to laughter...
If I could change this I would change our thoughts All the hate and the blame the intent to diss while evryone rots I would end all the shame no segreation no hate just love
If I could change one thing I would change everything. Politicians wouldn't lie and innocent people wouldn't die. I would change the way this democracy runs, where the people, not the corporations are number one. 
I stand behind a glass case.I am an object to behold.For my submissive nature and gentler tones. I tend to children, I tend to the injured.I remain hidden behind a man.For my lesser gender, and simple mind.
I would take the pain away For a day A week A year However long it takes
    I would change the way people think But since that is no the case I would not change a thing Our world was perfect
"Change" is such a funny word, always begging for attention. With its sloppy "chhh" slurred, constantly eluding comprehension.   "Change" really is a funny word. Don't you think I'm right?
What would I change?   Me..   Somehow recreate a better version of myself in the hopes that it will create a change in society as well     What would I change?   Him..  
College is expensive, on that we can all agree But what it means, is to have a good education, at least to me There are lots of good people out there to meet That would be willing to help you eat
Change could help out the world. To have more peace then hate. No more feuding between different things This kind of change could more nations.
If there was one thing I could it would be the way my town is seen. From  towns around we are know as the violence plagued town. Every night on the evening news the top story is another homocide. Never anything positive.
Waking up is difficult for me That's when the thoughts start Mirrors torment me I don't look like beautiful girls look I am not a size two My hair is a mess My stomach potrudes more than I want
We should spend more of our time staring out windows rather than staring at our reflections. We should spend more of our time submerging ourselves in books rather than drowning our hearts in false love.
You’re telling me that a woman is only beautiful when she’s naked
I would change the way she'd look at me
Looking down over 200 feet.   I pause. I climb back down. Again, I climb up,  Hoping. Hoping. Hoping Desperately That I could fly, be unafraid. 
I only wish for everyone to know. To know the truth.   To know our Savior. To know the cure for LIFE.   We take freedom for granted While others are tortured and jailed 
Round the corner again. Walk 20 meters to your right. Now go forward 15 paces. Turn back. Look around. Feel the breeze.   Its warm. Could be called sunny even. Sit down in the shade next to him. 
A great speaker,
When I'm told I could change anything The dark, blank slate of my mind lights up with a million stars I realize I could have money, fame, power
My smile is hidden in concern. My words are trapped in all the worry. They have received all the glory for my talents and my song. Poverty tickles my toes and brushes my hair.
If I could change something big or small I would choose to change it all Nothing can become better without growth Even change seems out the picture, the most important piece is hope
You can’t fix world hunger without first feeding the starving mouths in your community You can’t fix poverty without first helping someone buy necessities   You can’t fix pollution without recycling
The choice is mine Suddenly I see A million things  relying on me. To change a life? To disrupt a cycle? Can I validate this happening?   What to choose; What to do;
I’m aware we’ve been trained to believe that the anorexic frame Is the most desirable frame of the female form, Curves are out and thin is in,
The one thing I would change is love, that is it For nothing but love hurts worse than love, I'll admit   It kills and it shrivels and knocks us all down It warms and it fills and changes a frown
It was the way you braided you
You view her as pretty, nice, and sweet But she is not what she appears to be Behind the facade she is a monster Who unwillingly destroys and never prospers She tries to change but its just too hard
If I could change anything I would change it all. But for this here I was told to think small. The biggest change I would like to make, involves the unforgiving souls for goodness sake!
If I could change anything, I wouldn't change a thing. To change a thing would change the world, thats not for us to do.   If I could change a big thing, I wouldn't change a thing. 
If I could change anything, I would start at the core of the problem.  Myself. Before I can change anything, I must look from within and pick myself apart to discover every last flaw I might have.
We look in the mirror and see a thing, We are so set on what this thing should be, The hardest realization that goes through our mind or occupies our time, Is the reality of our human being,
Everywhere I go and everywhere I look I see people…. I see cars I see homes   But on my side of town I see poverty I see disgrace I see hate   What wouldn’t I change?
Change the perspective Change what's right and wrong written or spoken Change what's yours or mine – ours  
There is so much greed in this world Money is the only true God now And that can't change.
If God was to ask me what I desire, If a genie was to grant me one wish, I know one hope burns inside like fire, That all the defiliers could be demolished. The man who took the girl from home,
I had a dream that someday I’d winWriting and writingagain and again                              I had a dream that this was the oneCould it be I’ve finally wonOnly to loseoh yesagain
Lovely doves not flying around my area I would change that People walking down the streets without a smile I would change that A homeless person sitting cold and alone I would change that
America: Home of the free? I think not. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the sick get sicker. Our government has screwed up priorities, so quick to fly troops overseas to assists other nations,
World aching;
If I had a time machine  I'd go back And mentor the dumb, ignorant child Who fought like hell to keep pace. She ate more cheetos than apples And ate 3 servings of dinner She wore XL clothing
There are some who believe in the lie
For the thought of any Person to impress themselves upon Another by force to be Incomprehensible. 
No one ever told me it's okay, it's okay to be so anxious you can feel your heart wanting to jump out of your chest.
“If you could change anything about yourself What would it be?” The question that haunts Children endlessly   “I’d change my hair” One replies Another – “My eyes”  
  I dwell in a constant space, without change Where faces begin to act as one. Where words without thought crawl forth And where the mighty sun stands without change.
The wind blows, the river goes, my mind wanders, but I can only ponder. Why are we on this earth? All we do is keep giving birth. We give birth to monsters. and we are the sponsers...
Compared to this world I am young But I am as powerful as any President I would change the world to be better place Do away with all of the pollution
I Aim For A Better World By: Kary Dujuan Goff Jr.   I am green and gold, and sometimes grey.  
If I could change but one thing in this world of ours It would be the definition of normal Or rather the existence of that vague yet constricting concept So simple yet so broad yet so double-edged this rigid definition is
What has happened to the world today? Where has hard work gone, I say? Everyone I see has their palm held out. Waiting for a freebie from their neighbor, no doubt.   What has happened to the world I see?
I walk down the streets on the dark and damp sidewalks, seeing men and women huddled in a corner shivering and hurting from hunger.  How could this be the land of the free, 
The universe is a place of mystery. The faithful try to confront it with miracle and faith. The scientific try to explain it with reasoning and proof. Potential adversaries, they are.
If I could change one thing I would change the locks on my sister's eyes so that she wouldn't see the air-brushed women on the cover of magazienes. I would bar her ears from the kids at school
We drift along the edges,
My English homework asks me to name things that are considered taboo in society. You know what people don't like to talk about? Sexual assault, the fact that there is no gender binary,
"We better not see it." "Put it away." "No you can't use it at lunch." It's all wrong. We deserve freedom to text, call, instant message, and check our social media.
A blue bird’s feather
How can we live in a world where nobody even cares? Filth and destruction, everywhere you look. You can't look away from the digust. Mother Nature can't believe this can even be happening.
How often do we wish for something so simple, a sign that people care,  that there is kindness in everyone's hearts, yet we forget to smile at strangers. I try to remember that when I see others,
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Everyone wants to be different But we still remain the same.    Claiming things we will never do; This is what I would change.    If we actually contributed, If we actually helped,  
Live in harmony Such sweetness so satiates Change lives with music
We're all human; please do not take your pain out on the rest of us. I can be your friend, a motivator, i can help you because it's hurting others.
I would change the way, people look at things. The pain and the suffering we cause for everything. Like the right for people to say, the things they truely feel.
Her shadow was so bright that I could not see. I hoped for a new change of time, or woman to see. My wish was bare and I gained nothing more,
The sweeping sounds cascade out of the stage Bouncing around the room, Mixing with the cushioned chairs And the old-people smell.   The brass blasts out a baleful melody
We define people by their skin color, Black and White, Yet we are all different shades of brown.   Does it make us different beings? Does it change the purity of ones heart?
If I could change anything about the world I would change the media
Summer, Warmth that enveloes my skin and ignites my soul, Lingers for mere months, I wish for it year-round. Heat.   Winter, A chill that surges down my spine and deteriorates my soul.
I hate hate. There are so many things in the world that need to be changed,  but hate is the first thing that needs to go. Hate takes many different forms and is all too easy to have.
Free your mind Take your time  Reach the golden skiyline  Test limits Lift spirits Be as the dawn rising Don't hold back  Don't lose track Of what you need to do Push harder 
Poison setting in the blood and mind A rush to get some help, living down the road Running down the rabbit hole fighting for his life A great loss of brother and friend, he did not make the code.
Cold hands invade the innocence of cold souls   Cold souls afraid to save themselves of cold nights and cold eyes baring upon them  
  The Ant House Mirrors have been guiding us through the smoke since as long as man can remember. Fools; a society of leashed fools
I wouldn't change one thing in the world. Light can not exist without darkness The bad timesare what make the good one worth so much more. Without struggles there would be no way to
If I could borrow a mind,
  If I could change one thing, What would it be?   Would I change the world? No war, no illness Plenty of food Lots of green trees?   Would I change society?
I would change this one thing, To help change everything. I would have all know, God loves them so.
These days,  sleep is not rejuvinating. It is merely a break. Our schedules have become god. Living under its laws, commands, edicts. A calendar has become a checklist
I live in a society in which the people – they don’t care. They tut and they tsk at third-world problems “Rape is bad”, they recite, “and dirty water is horrible
Money money money that's all we ever talk about. People who don't have enough just want to scream and shout. Some people worked hard and can now call themselves rich.
If I possessed the ability to help every person I saw hiding inside themselves; Their arms protectively wrapped around their body, I’d tell them to walk with arms outstretched in front of them.
We live in a world, so full of hate. We live in a world, where that hate is directed towards ourselves.   We point out every flaw, and slowly begin  to hate ourselves,
We live in a world, so full of hate. We live in a world, where that hate is directed towards ourselves.   We point out every flaw, and slowly begin  to hate ourselves,
Everyone should have food
Looking down at the scale, A little girl’s legs tremble in fear. In shock she turns pale, Hoping she could disappear. “I must starve! I must starve! No one will love me, If I do not barf.”
From nine to five, nobody is home
Who am I to say what matters and what doesn't?Am I not someone?I've always been toldthat I am too young or too oldto think or to know,and I've got nothing to show.When will this change?
Please do not doubt a word I say to you, My thoughts and my words are sincere and true. And to you my darling, I must confess, My happy love has been put to the test.
I would change is the uncertainty that the troubled ones face the ones from a broken home facing disabilities  there is hope for each and all of us  
Suffocating teachers Stressful cliques Vulgar language Vindictive characters
Early on I picked up the responsibilities of those who should have been there for me it was second nature holding my own and never mourning the wilt of my youth,
Many times the world has seen someone standing alone. Many times the world has seen someone without a home. Many times a smile could have gone a long way. Many times there were nicer things to say.
They say to me “you are so damn quiet.”
I would change the hatred the one everyone seems to be recieving 
The Image of Beauty  What is beauty? Is it shaped, colored, living, a symbol, an image?
  This thing all things devours; Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel;
I haven't always been the same way, she was once 9 years old.
  Change   is a difficu
With me, what you see is NOT what you get.
Ian Holderman What Would You Change Scholarship Slam     Why do we sit idle day after day?
If I could change one thing,  It would be the unnecessary pain. Stop all bullying, And all of the self harm that is the result. All of the name calling, That would be gone too.
This religion was not mine. This rich heritage and culturethat has been blanketed over mewas not given to me at birth. I was given no choice in the beginningto accept what God had planned for me.
The red scratches Across your wrist Cut me as much as you I don't know you I don't know why I care I don't understand But I'd take the blade From your hand And wash it down the drain.
What would I change  something you hear lot coming from our role-models teachers, parents   But in truth who knows  what to change  what to change
I would love to give you a serious answer to your serious question. Picture my tightening my imaginary tie and clearing my throat, about to pitch you the fix of a life time. I would love to tell you that I’m about to cure cancer. But I’m not.
When I turn on the nightly news,I don't watch the weather forecast anymore.
Change is painful and stressful, But it is necessary to move on. Sometime change is dreadful, Other times it is as easy as a song.  
The media and its responses to little girls' pleas at night hoping the answer will be right. "You are beauty my dear child." Mirrors lie, TV hides the real women behind makeup and silkscreens. Fake.
An incomplete family morns and weeps
If I could change the world, I would erase hate. Simple as that. All skin colors and religions would be accepted and celebrated. And lovers of all combinations wouldn't fear being seperated.
So They Say Why be so greedy? Why let that destroy you, destroy us  This world revolves around money Absurd how people are rich while others suffer from poverty.
I look at them, their hearts on their sleeves. Unabashed, unashamed, they stare at each other Their eyes, so fierce, so knowing Their touches, so confident, so sure And their hearts, their hearts on their sleeves.
If there was one thing I could change I would make a world of peace Bound together by hope That we shall live with those we love
I promised myself I would never, end up like you. That I would never, do the things you do.
Imagine living, not surviving, but being free, where doors can be unlocked at night, where police are seen as just and right, isn't that true liberty? Now picture the means,
Everywhere people seeing with sightless eyes. Feeling with closed hearts. Distancing themselves from another's reality. Over looking the fallen, the helpless, the beaten down and the broken.
I cannot say I am proud to eat meat,
how can you hate an infant who never asked to be born? how can you outcast someone who grew up different? how can you hate, how can you hate, we never asked to be where we are,
  We Are The Same   We were made the same  The big, round world is everyone’s fair game. We all have thoughts, desires, and wishes.
When you're born in an encouraging household The world is seen through different eyes You don't have to struggle for love or validation Sure your family is not "perfect" But they raised you to believe in yourself
She hated herself for what she’d become: all alone with no one to talk to. She didn’t know why no one liked her. She couldn’t understand what made her different
I wish you could have watched me grow up I wish you had held me when I was scared, You treated me like I was a hiccup Almost like you hadn’t cared   I wish you could have known I was a “daddy’s girl”
I would change people minds. It would not be anything bad. I would just make people more kind,
Discrimination, inequality, and prejudice, words of hate and ignorance. "Better", "traditional", "correct",
The fields once filled with such wholesome color, now floods with dimming sadness.
that girl is dressed in black from her head down to her toe her name lost in a stereotype  that some may call "emo"   that boy who holds his lovers hand and smiles as he kisses his lips
What would you change? Such a simple question People wanna talk But they don't wanna hear the lesson They say they will be there for you But their mouth is always running Whenever you try to speak
What would I change? That’s easy; the range.
I want to give freedom! I want to give it now To the African child thrust into warfare at random to the the millions starving men, women, and children to the thousands of kids 
Maybe instead of just blaming all these celebrities who are in jail and rehab for ruining their own lives Maybe we should also take a look at how this country treats its celebrities
Why don't you stop and stare? Then you'll realize not everybody cares..  it's sad really. People are blind Blind to the fact that the lady sitting a table behind them suffered from depression
If there is one thing I could change it would be simple and plan  No certain range for love  And a peace that can remain   If true love exists  Then so does true hate
If there is one thing I could change it would be simple and plan  No certain range for love  And a peace that can remain   If true love exists  Then so does true hate
What would I change? The pollution in the air, and the water, and on land, and in the lungs of people every where. What would I change? Religion's role in the lives
What would I change?  Why change anything in this wonderful world? Oh wait. I know what I would change. What would I change, you might ask? I would change the military requirement laws.
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The life of us,        It's funny how you pull us down,        lashed out and cut us up,        beat us in drunken madness,        hushed us silent and        kept us stupid, for what?
I believe in kindness
So you want to change? I do. It seems so easy  So there So right Right?   If I could change anything It would be perception Myself My Community  The world?
Sticks and stones may break my bones But words always scar Negligence to be the same Falling down the road to self hate   They say, “Retarded, idiotic, queer”
I must change I do change I will change This was the promise I unknowingly made when I was born into this world of beautiful malice My freedom to exist and demand
Change?  Could you spare some change? Maybe the question should not be could you spare change but will you dare to change?
I watched as paul bearers wound you six feet under ground and sprinkled dirt on your pine box? Where are you going, was it by choice or by chance or did time just run out on your life’s clock?
The ability to change anything in the world, with a snap of a finger, much like a deity Unlimited room for potential, yet unlimited room for disappointment
I would live to see the day that society crumbles, Their ashes in the palm of my hands, all destroyed, To finally have its remains of the endless hate, Of the standards that society had created.
If I could I would reach out to the world and cup it in my hands,
I'd change college costs Then we wouldn't have to write These goddamn poems.
Lunch room filled with people but he sits in solitude Third year in high school and does anyone know his name? Mistreated and abused so he abuses himself Third year in high school and does anyone know his pain?
What would you change If given the opportunity What would you change?   I would change The amount of waste left behind I would change The way people ignore the cries for help.
If I could change anything huh? I always think to myself money.  Money money money.  We as people run off of money.  It's practically our caffeine.  I sit here now, writing about money because I need money. 
Though we may always be divided by strife it doesn't mean that we have to waste our life. No, we can live and fight because we have a right to find our own light out in the dark. 
A single glance, a sneer A single tear, remorse
When I walk out that door, I want… To see an end to sexual harrassment, I  Want to see women wearing whatever they want. And not having to worry about, Being catcalled or harrased when they
I want to change Many things in ths world.    But most of all, What I wish end, Is Animosity.   Animosity  to: Everything, Everyone,
What would you change He said What would I change... My mothers' words And my sisters' The friends Who used me And turned their back When I needed them the most My fathers' cancer
Wake up, love, or you will miss this.
I love her with all of my heart. My broken, mangled, crumbling organ of love. I want to show her off, To hold her hand and kiss her in front of more then God above.   But my family's strict.
 If I could change one thing,
Is simply human destruction War is the intation of this action WWI, WWII, or maybe WWIII, its a chain reaction   Jews in Konzentrationslager Left or right will be a torture
It is time for a change     In our homes.     Why must our children lose their innocence?     Why are we allowing their childhood to slip away     before it can be experienced?     Parents     Love your children.     Let them be children.
Lack of confidence  I will be my own defeat  Internal battle
Test Anxiety. Those two words can destroy a person. Why does this world, so focused on innovation,  continue to use out-dated techniques? Testing students on their ability 
Bigot Closed Minded Delusional Judgemental Hatred I have been told that this would happen, but why? Other people before us has
Change, it's like the rattling metals in my wallet. It jingles in my pocket.
If I could change one thing it would be for the ones sleeping on park benches not old enough to vote for the ones in rags who are carrying another and for the ones that are starving, 
Right now we walk around In a society where the death rate of African Americans is the highest Where the race that's in the most poverty are the Latinos and the African Americans And their health is declining  
Stop and thinkDo you know where your next meal will beDo you know when?There are so many children That don't get the opporotunityTo know
My passport says “American”, I grew up in Ukraine, No single culture in my head, The upper hand did gain.   I have my own third culture, I mix the other two, And if anything at all it gives,
For years and years I have been told That i should fear getting old My beauty will wane I won't be sane And that while I can I should be tan I should starve and be so thin
Are we actually equal? Do women get the same privileges as men do?  No.
He eats from golden platter, three courses served by his butler She eats what is stolen, some bread from her brother He shouts, "Call the guards! There's a thief on the loose!"
many babies have died from a choice a mother made not to keep her little baby but to let the precious life die so asked what I would change this is what I would decide
This past winter I was nothing but tired. Smoke sank into Reno like slow water into a bowl and the Common App was released; my friend and I were up at midnight four states across,
The towns are so lonely no one can drive by the people leave slowly not saying goodbye Love, hope, and peace are replaced with war
It's been forever, Since we first came together, On that midnight in December, When the first snow began to fall.   But it's been forever, In that time together, That you opened my eyes,
What would I change if I could change the world? Just one thing to make it better... I would change the heart. The heart of every person to ever exist would be full of love
I, an average college student, would change:
Pay for the books,  The seat that I'm sitting in. Pay for the lights, the water, The air I breathe. The accounts are emptying, but my head is filling. I wanted a degree, and a job.
if i could change one thing, i would release the stigma on mental illness like a goddamn balloon into the sky, popping when it gets too high in the atmosphere, never to be seen again.
Day to day we’re always told that we need to be the utmost best we can be; to shine brighter than the last and burn with more intensity. Flames blazing and creeping up the walls. Any higher
If I could kiss every malady from the cells on your heart And the neurons in your brains Then my mouth would turn red and bloody raw Because I would not stop until all were healed.  
Discrimination exists in practically every society. Based on physical characteristics, such as skin and hair color, maybe even the shapes of a person's eyes, a person is judged.
For those who don't know what it looks like: DOMA Prop 8 The Westboro Baptist Church Gay Bashing (I would know it's bad, because of personal experience) HIV/AIDS stigma LGBT suicide
There is a pile of beer bottles in the back of the room. When he stresses over her, he drinks. When he gets mad, he beats. When things dont go his way, the beating and drinking is combined. The bruises remain.
In this day and age Things all seem like they're going to crap. Fires and poverty and war and death. Hell on earth and pain come to life, Like our eyes have been opened to what things can really be.
I've been asked to change one thing. Big or small, that's quite the task! Just to find what change to bring I must know just what to ask. The first choice would be for me to make my own life better.
Here in the part of Thailand that we live Survival is hard No money Scarce food source Death all around
Sister, I see the world you will grow up in/ I see the world I'm surviving in/ And I see the slow spiral down/ Sister, I see the wars and the strife/ I see the chemicals filling the lungs/ Of mothers who won't live to see unborn children/ Sister,
They wanna cock the glock and pistol wave to rep the block but now we got to stop the clock before another round pops and your blood becomes mud as it leakes onto the floor while the
When considering a way to positively impact the world, the possible changes seem endless.If I had the power to make such a change, I believe I would decide on one particular thing.
Cold Silent Alone These words are the only Only way to describe how it feels Now that you're gone. You can't see it You can't hear it You can't feel it but
The problem with America, is wrong people are in the lead. Our government is corrupt with an exsessive amount of greed.There are children dying, there are parents crying, and all you can see is corporate sighing?
The silence of the night is broken
The day my mom cried  no one knew it could happen can he come back now?     
If I could change One thing About the world today In all its hurt, in all its pain In everything not going our way Is a smile On every face One that would never change
What would I change? what would you? You want world peace?  Maybe end world hunger? I want to put an end to another issue. I want people to put down the guns, i want cities to stop spending money on
I can’t look at you You’re not the same person You feel my eyes shooting daggers And my mouth spitting lies  
The variation of transformation needs to be distorted.  I hate to report it.. but I can name so many things that needs new change and innovation. Let us break the direction where things are headed, and mend it
    If I had the power to go and change anything in the world today it would have to be bullying.
I spent four of my years in a building Of wood walls and cement floors I spent four of my years in a building Told it was wrong to want out   I spent four of my years stuck in two dimensions
Beauty fades; it's inevitable. Our bodies are our shells like eggs they crack, they decay. But the inside is what nourishes us,  mixes together with other human ingredients
"You bitch, slut, freak, weirdo" We here these words float down our hallways and out into the breeze. So common in our daily lives that we no longer flinch from their stinging touch.
A twinge in his gut A shiver on his skin Every hair on the back of his neck stood on end A whole new kind of invisible, to see beyond today into tomorrow Vision misting
Paint the grey we live in;That’s my decree.Our world is more than the cradle of sin-No more Greed or Sloth we should see.Instead mix the weeping Blue with passion RedOr add White for a pure Pink.
  I would change the way that humans think I would completely rewire our brains Because people get mad at the stupidest things First there would be no anti-gay hate
Self Centered I'd change My ability to deal with the face in the mirror the thoughts simmering behind it the fumbling half-formed passions waiting to be found.
What would I give to change the world To make it a better place? Shall I sing a song And pass it along? Hoping to make someone’s day.   Should I be rid of all the poison
If I could change the course of someone's day By the upturning of my lips into a smile Drastically reshape the art of one's opinion of self By a small act of kindness Wow! How about a warm 'hello'
At some point in my life,
Look at how the wold is,
She shut herself away Crying silently  Alone I take a paper cutout And draw a smile on her face The two sides of myself.
I see through the looking glassA lot like Alice didBut I don't see what she didI see painI see sufferingI don't want to see moreBut I doEverydayMore people cry in hungerIn pain
Gather round young and old I have a story that needs to be told, this story can still be heard round the nation.
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