Demolishing the Defilers


If God was to ask me what I desire,

If a genie was to grant me one wish,

I know one hope burns inside like fire,

That all the defiliers could be demolished.

The man who took the girl from home,

The man who stripped her, degraded her.

The man who left her hurt and alone.

The man who was her unwelcomed lover.

The man who ignored her screams for mercy.

The man who clamped his hand over her cry.

The man who made her feel used-up, unworthy.

The man who made her innocence die.

These men walk earth, stalking their prey

Invaders, Criminals, Rapists.

Virtious girls: their lives changed in a day.

Just because they weren't the strongest.

I wish I could say I didn't know how much it hurts.

I wish I could say that I was okay.

But the pain of that memory is just beneath my shirt.

Held close, my scars can't go away.

So If a God was to ask me what I want,

Or a genie was to grant me a wish,

I'd ask that these defilers be denied to haunt,

So my agony could finally relinquish.





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