Enough Is Enough


Hamilton New Zealand
Sandwich Road
New Zealand

Everyone judges or gets judged though for some it can happen more often than it should, when it does what emotions do they feel, embarrassment, anger, shame and hurt? A man sits quietly in a crowded room, people mill all around him, His space is invaded, his senses overloaded, He get agitateds and starts to twitch and covers his ears. A girl through the crowd, sees his discomfort and calls him a free.  Why does different have to be so bad, why not shift your perspective and try to understand. Depression, Bipolar, Aspergers or ADD, why is there social stigma when it comes to these things. Illnesses are illnesses not a choice that can be made by those who have them.  I was born different my eyes take in different scenes than those I was brought up with and it was easy to see, bullied, mocked even shamed too, I had to learn quickly to hide what was true. I was different and it was bad. Even at home I couldn’t be free. Free from the persecution it seemed. I grew angry with the world and seethed in my head. I used to think it was my fault so quickly the anger turned inward instead. Nobody knew the Bomb was ticking inside my head. After a while it was all too much and in a flash my world erupted. I fought my parents and drove them to despair, Pushed away my friends without a thought and then I was stuck alone with my thoughts. Why me I asked, why am I so different, how can I be like all the others?.  Not once nor twice but many a time I attempted to take my fate into my own hands. Each time I failed I despaired even more all because I was told being different was bad. Through many ups and downs I have been and even now I struggle with me. But I want people to know enough is enough. Im sick of being told being different is wrong. I am Me I see things different. I have Aspergers and Depression too. Im Proud of who I am now. So to those who suffer from the unseen Illnesses your not alone I feel your hurt. Stand up and let your voice be heard. People are people and should be treated with respect whether you have a broken arm or a broken soul we all have rights and we should be heard!

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