A Smile

If I could change

One thing

About the world today

In all its hurt, in all its pain

In everything not going our way

Is a smile

On every face

One that would never change

We'd feel more joy, we'd be alive

For hapiness alone we'd cry

Our hopes, our dreams

Wouldn't seem so out of reach

And there'd be peace for eternity


A smile, not forced

But true

All our minds would be anew

We'd walk through valleys of hidden splendor

With fear behind us

And hope our lender


A smile, a new perspective of a sky so blue

It pours down on us

And sticks like glue

We'd absorb its beauty,

Cherish its morning dew

Feast on positivity

No war, no doom

In all of this

In my wishing, I conclude

A real smile is a gift

Not queued, not shrewd

That ultimately and definately

Ought to be used






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