If You Would Like


Will I ever receive love?

Will I ever receive a home?

I could make a great friend

I could be your best friend


I have feelings too

I have emotions too

Please, bring me inside from the cold

We can cuddle if you would like


We could cuddle on the couch

My fur could keep your hairless body warm

My kisses could warm your cold heart

If you would like


Why keep me outside?

Chained up to a wooden box

Is this supposed to feel warm?

Wind chilling my body to the bone


Why don’t give me a dish?

Instead of throwing food at me

Give me a dish please.

I could be your best friend


When I saw you at the shelter

I thought we could cuddle

They warned you about puppies

But I was only a gift


I was a gift done wrong

I had a few accidents

Your house is too big

Yet you can’t bring me inside


The cage at the shelter

Was warmer than this box

I can go back

If you would like


Someone else could love me

Someone else can give me a name

Someone else could bring me inside

Someone else could feed me


I can’t feel my feet

I can’t feel my ears

I am covered with snow and ice

I just want to go away to a different place


If I could just get off this chain

I would run

Run to the love

Find the love I long for

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